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I am starting 21 Day Fix on Monday!!! Why the exclamation marks? Why am I excited about this? 

When I first started.... till now.

When I first started.... till now.


I spent the last 20 weeks training for a fcking marathon. It was great. It stretched my mind. I ran faster and for longer periods of time than I ever have before, but holy crap, it is super LIFE consuming. You can't drink or go out on Friday nights because you have to wake up early and run on Saturdays. When you're slow like me, you end up running for 2-5 hours on Saturdays. Seriously. And then after those long runs, you are exhausted and miserable. You take a bath, eat, and then sleep away the rest of the day. That was my life the past few months.


Running. Takes. Forever.

Running. Takes. Forever.

I am glad I did it, but that's not how I want to live my life all the time. I need a break from all that.


But why am I going back to 21 Day Fix? Why can't I just be? Why do I have to be doing something constantly?


Parents and teachers, you know how we know kids thrive on routine? Productive adults, you know how you thrive on routine? I need routine in my life. I need it. I need a push to workout. I need a push to eat healthy. When I don't have that push, when I don't have that routine, I fall apart. I know this because I was a flipping mess the first half of 2015 and could not get anything together with my food, exercise, and happiness. Yes, having routine with food and exercise actually makes me happier! And how did I make this routine a constant in my life? I started coaching other people. Once I literally made it my job to have a routine, it became easier because it was a non-negotiable.

Me when I first made coaching my job. It was the first time I actually completed a 21 Day Fix without quitting. 

Me when I first made coaching my job. It was the first time I actually completed a 21 Day Fix without quitting. 


Starting on Monday, I am going back to my routine of 30 minute daily workouts and easily-prepped portion-controlled meals. Oh, and I get to do it with a group of ladies working on similar goals. Some of them are my clients who are starting their own health and fitness journeys. And I have this other group of kick ass ladies who are continuing their health and fitness journeys and help others- Inspire Joy coaches. Love 'em.


Why do I love them? Because they are the ones who convinced me to 1. Stop dieting. 2. Stop crying about how big I think my legs are. 3. Love myself in the process of changing. 4. Accept myself no matter what. 5. Be patient with how things change, but also know that I am the one in control of change. 6. Cut out the expectation of perfection. 


Yes, a group of coaches I met on the internet have changed my life. In just 1 year. Weird, right? People think this is all a big scammy scam, and if you think you're going to lose 25 pounds from drinking a magic potion, then yes, you're going to feel like you were scammed. And if you think you're going to make a million dollars in a year from selling a product but not add personal value into other peoples lives, then yes, you're going to feel like this was a scam. But being a part of a club of amazing ladies working on similar goals? That's not a scam. That's love. The's community. That's support. That's the post-college sorority I have always been looking for. That's life-changing.


But back to 21 Day Fix. A year ago I was DESPERATE to lose weight. Desperate. Today? Not desperate. Still wanting to change my body and get STRONGER but not willing to give up social occasions and entire food groups. (THANK YOU INSPIRE JOY LADIES FOR TEACHING ME THIS!) Not willing to never eat pizza. Not willing to punish my body. Not willing to cry about slow progress. Not willing to expect perfection.


I'm still going to work hard these 3 weeks. 


And I had to write a plan for me. Why? Because I still have some food issues I am working on. Sometimes I catch myself feeling guilty about eating dessert or drinking a beverage, but I don't want that food guilt. I want to feel healthy, in control, happy, and satisfied. Listen, eating a bag of potato chips doesn't need to happen in these 3 weeks, but having brownies? Yeah. That is a non-negotiable for me. I need chocolate. I need pizza. If someone invites me to go out, I NEED to go. We live in a new state, and I am not in the position to turn down friends. I'm so over saying no to hanging out with people because of my stupid mindset about food.


Here are my rules that I wrote for myself:


1. Drink 80 ounces of water. 21 Day Fix recommends at least half your body weight in ounces of water.

2. EAT FOOD. Don't starve. I'm not doing Whole30 with its ridiculous rules about desserts. I'm not doing Paleo where I can never have pizza. I'm not doing full-on vegan where I can never have crockpot chicken or scrambled eggs. I'm doing what feels right for me. I will be following the vegan meal plan for the framework because I know I feel FULL and ENERGIZED AF when I eat a crap ton of vegetables. For my protein, I will have beans veggie patties, eggs, and meat whenever I feel like the meat is worth it. I will not be eating tofu or other soy-based products that try to mimic meat. Yuck.

When I think food, I think PLANTS! As many plants as I can find. 

When I think food, I think PLANTS! As many plants as I can find. 

Go here for the vegan plan: Vegan Plan


3. I will only have cheese if it's on my pizza. This is not because of some silly Paleo or vegan rule. This is because my skin breaks out when I eat a lot of dairy. Our bodies don't actually need dairy. Milk is for babies, seriously. Sure, it's tasty with a pack of Oreos, but our bodies don't need the milk.. or the Oreos. So cheese can be in my day, but I don't *need* cheese, and cheese doesn't bring my happiness. Hummus, on the other hand, hummus makes me happy and I am still looking for evidence that our bodies need hummus. There's gotta be a study somewhere. :) 


4. I will have dessert. Every. Single. Night. And I will not feel guilty about it. The dessert will most likely be a Shakeology dessert because they're tasty AF and I won't have to worry about myself eating a whole plate of brownies.


5. I will not binge. Even if I have a taste of something that is off-plan and is hella tasty, I am in control. It doesn't matter that I used to binge all the time or I worry that this will always be a problem for me. I am deciding now that binge-eating is NOT something I want to describe me. I am in control of myself and my decisions and my future. I won't be perfect, but I refuse to believe I cannot change. Baby steps. And if I do binge on something, I can stop myself from throwing in the whole towel and going out to do a bang bang. A bang bang is when you eat one meal and then go and eat another completely different meal right away. I've done this before. Several times. In the last year. It's not pretty. It's not something to be proud of.

Louis CK can tell you about bang bangs: Bang Bang 

Screen Shot 2016-10-15 at 9.34.56 PM.png


6. I will exercise every morning. If I don't exercise in the morning, I will do at night. This is a non-negotiable. To be honest, I do not want to exercise a lot of days, but once I get started, I am fine. Once it is done, I am happy with myself for doing it. Chalene Johnson says to exercise only on the days you want to feel your best. If I am doing this to feel my best, I better be exercising every day. I am only allowed to skip a day if I am legit sick or legit hurt. Then yes, I need those rest days. If I miss a day, I am NOT doing a double day the next day. That's like punishment. I'm just not doing it. I will move on and not scold myself for not being perfect. Fck that. 

7. If someone invites me to go out, I'm going out, but I am being mindful about what I eat and drink. I will have a giant salad with a slice of pizza. I will save a yellow container to have a beer. I won't throw in the towel, and I won't neglect the social occasion. Both are dumb. And I've done both over and over.  When I go out, it's to enjoy the company and conversation with my friend. It is NOT the opportunity or challenge to eat all the pizza or chips presented on the table. 



8. I will read 10 pages of a personal development book every day. Ever see that quote about being happy with yourself. How do you get there? You work on it. You read about it. You learn how other people have done it and then you mimic and try things to see what works for you. Life is a project, and we can change on the inside as well as the outside. And if we don't change on the inside, we are always going to be picking apart our outside.


9. I will only weigh myself on Friday mornings. That's it. Ok, I am going to weigh myself on Monday to start, but from then on, only on Friday mornings. Then the scale gets put away. I always tell my clients to hide the scale and only weigh themselves once a week. I haven't relied on the scale for a long time, but I also haven't tried to lose weight in a long time. I used to be obsessed with it, and while I am trying to lose weight this month, I don't want to get obsessed with it again. The scale is such an unreliable source of data, and I know that, but let's be honest: it's exciting to see the scale go down to a number it's never been to before! So while I will celebrate those numbers with a mini cheer on Fridays, I will not make the scale the only source of my excitement. Feeling happy, healthy, strong, comfortable in my own skin, etc.... those are pretty amazing.

10. I will document my 21 day journey. I will share my workouts, my meals, my personal development, my wins, my STRUGGLES, and my before and after photos. I will enjoy the process. I love seeing myself change. I love seeing how far I've come. I love sharing this journey with other people because guys, it's about the weight... but also IT'S SOOO NOT ABOUT THE WEIGHT. I have to share my journey for me, and because holy crap, this shit is hard. Life is hard. Life is a lot harder than I thought it would be. Adult struggles are a lot harder than I thought they would be. If I can work on some of my struggles and share it with people, and it help them with their struggles, then holy crap, we all gotta do this. People say it takes a village to raise a child. Guys, we can't give up on our village just because we're not kids anymore. We need to help each other and not compete with each other. We can all feel good about life. If there is a God, I don't think He wants us to all be miserable, competing and hating on each other, and never feeling at peace while on earth. So... if you're reading this... hopefully my journey has helped you.


Alright kids. That's it! I don't need more than 10 rules. :) A lot of these rules are things I already do and have learned in the last year, but I just needed this place to write them down and remember when I am struggling with the bowl of chips and salsa placed in front of me on a Friday night.


Wanna do this with me? You don't have to wait until Nov. 1 or even Jan. 1. WE CAN START NOW AND STOP WAITING FOR THE PERFECT TIME. Because pssstt.... there is no perfect time. We just gotta jump in and make shit happen. 

Message me and I can give you the deets and we can do this together. Coaching is complimentary when you buy a Challenge Pack through me. That includes the DVDs, meal plan and containers, and Shakeology. Challenge Packs are on sale through the end of October- SAVE $20. Come on! 

Already have the program but don't have Shakeology? Ahhhh. That's where ya missed the mark. (Girl, me too. It happened to me too. I didn't know!) We need to get you hooked on these Shakeo brownies, and you'll see it is worth it.  


 And I think you will L.O.V.E. the coach support from Inspire Joy too. <3


xoxo Jaclyn