Invest in yourself

Dear Jaclyn from 7 years ago,

Hey girl hey! Happy Transformation Tuesday!

Girl, ya doin it! You're doing it! You're not perfect AF, you're just not, but you're changing your life. You're down about 25lbs, maybe more, who knows, who cares, you're not obsessed with the scale anymore!!! You don't even care what it says anymore because you feel happy with yourself and full of life. You're completing a boxing program. Seriously. YOU. Listen... You're not actually doing very well with it, as in no one will ever be afraid of your punches and you still have two left feet, sorry, but you're having a blast and your core is a force. Ya got abs, girl! You have abs!! You're making friends. Seriously. You made girl friends after college. Chicas. Ladies you talk to from all over the country. Ladies that push you and inspire you and hold you accountable and kindly laugh at your ridiculous boxing videos you make. You're in a good place with food. Seriously. You don't binge. Weird. You don't only eat rabbit food. Weird. You say nice things to yourself. You treat yourself as you would treat a friend. You stopped calling yourself ugly, fat, and stupid. You're a kind human to yourself. Even when you mess up. You mess up a lot actually. You take risks and mess up. But you're okay with it because you know you're learning from it and the world will not end when you make a mistake. Sure, a few people might be upset with you when you make a mistake, but you're learning how to deal with that instead of wanting to crawl into a hole and die. You're okay. You've transformed. You're still transforming. You decided to invest in yourself. You decided to spend money on the best project you could spend money on. And you're transforming. You're not done transforming. You're growing every single day.

Jaclyn from 7 years ago, you're going to be ok. I'm happy you finally took the time to invest in yourself and not just find happiness but make it for yourself.


Jaclyn from 11/29/16


Here's what I did:


I joined a group of women who were working on similar goals as me. It started with me wanting to "get skinny" and now I just want to be healthy and happy! I've learned so much in the last year.

This December, the whole Team Inspire Joy team is getting together to make one giant challenge group.

What is a challenge group?

- a group of women working on health and fitness during the holidays
- we meet virtually, so yeah, if you have wonky schedule where you can't drive to the gym or drive to meetings, you just need 5 minutes of your day to check in online

How does one join?
- You purchase a challenge pack through me!

What does it include?
- a SIMPLE meal plan that actually teaches you how to eat food aka those cute little containers. So simple. CHANGED MY LIFE.
- a 30 day workout plan with 30-45 minute workouts depending on which program you choose. I can help you pick one out that works for you.
- 30 servings of Shakeology. Hello Shakeology brownie batter! No, it isn't a protein shake, and no, we are not a protein deficit country. We are nutrient-deficit. It tastes amazing and is worth every penny. No soy! Spend some money on a healthy treat instead of a gourmet donut. They cost the same...
- plus ongoing coaching and accountability with NEW FRIENDS!!! Yeah, all this.

What does it cost?
-Listen, it's not free! This is where the investing in yourself part comes in. Being a part of this team has CHANGED my life. If you've been watching me the last 365 days, you know this to be true. 
-Did you spend a couple hundred bucks this weekend on things that will be in a garage sale in 2 years? Did you drop a hundo on booze and pizza this weekend? Do something positive for you. Did you have a goal for 2016 and you need a kick in the butt to work on it this next month? INVEST IN YOURSELF. INVEST IN YOUR HAPPINESS. INVEST IN YOUR HEALTH. We can do this together.

Interested? Message me. I'm super excited for this December. We can end the year strong instead of waiting for January 1's newest fad diet. Invest in yourself. You're the best project you will ever work on.