Transformation Tuesday

If you know me, you know that this is way out of my comfort zone. I would definitely describe myself as shy, quiet, and someone who usually prefers to blend in. I wear a one piece black swimsuit to the beach. I prefer capris over shorts any day. And I don't own anything that is super short or super low cut. I've always dressed modestly.

                                            January 31, 2016                                                                               March 4, 2016

                                            January 31, 2016                                                                               March 4, 2016


So why am I posting a photo of me in my sports bra?

Because I want to show you what you can achieve in a month. I want to show you that you that when you put your mind to something and you practice it every day, you can get results in a month. You don't have to starve yourself. You don't have to eat kale and bland chicken breasts. You don't have to spend hours in the gym. You don't have to miss out on life. You can make things happen in a month.

Will EVERYTHING be solved in a month? Nope. This is just the beginning of a new lifestyle. This is a journey, and it encompasses a lot more than just losing weight. Learning to talk positively about myself is key. I have to set goals and go after them.

Am I a size 2? No! And I'm not trying to be. I am working out to feel comfortable in my skin. I eat to fuel my workouts. I want muscle!

How much weight did I lose? I have no idea. We don't have a scale anymore. It's in my parents' basement somewhere. We couldn't bring everything to Atlanta, and that scale got left behind. Oh well! I am more focused on how I feel, how clothes fit, and those muscles!

Do I still have cravings or feel like I want to binge? Yes, but I am getting better learning to control it. I don't want the fear of a binge to ruin my life. I have a way for me to have a daily chocolate and not let it ruin my nutrition.

Was I perfect all of February? Did I cheat at all? No, I did not cheat. Did I have treats? Yeah! We went to Chipotle 3 times, and I had the salad and loved every bite of it. Was it a burrito? No, but it was still tasty. 

Did I have to miss out on social occasions? NO. We went to brunch with a high school friend, the Hawks BASKETBALL game, a Valentines Day meetup at a bar, coffee with a friend, and I'm sure other things I am forgetting. I am learning to allow myself to be social and not fear food. This is long-term. This is thinking about the rest of my life. I don't want to be on a "diet" the rest of my life. I want to learn to eat food the right way, not let food control me, and have some treats along the way.

Did I spend 2.5 hours in the gym every day? No. I ran the mile, did 30-40 minutes PiYo or 21 Day Fix DVDs on most days, missed a few days, and doubled up on a few days. It wasn't a perfect month. There will never be a perfect month! And that's ok. 

What am I doing now? I am adjusting to some new foods in my day and doing new workouts with Hammer and Chisel. I am excited to stop running so I can focus on building muscle in my legs.


Here is where I started way back when. I have to remind myself to not keep kicking myself for falling of track several times. Sometimes I have these pity parties, "well, if you would have just stayed on track since when you started, you'd be a lot further than you are now." This is so pointless and does nothing for me. The great news is that I am on track now, I feel good about the food I eat and the workouts I'm doing, and I love how I am feeling about myself. My journey is not over.

                                May 27, 2014                                                                                                                  March 4, 2016

                                May 27, 2014                                                                                                                  March 4, 2016


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