Best. Dessert. Ever.

Desserts! My favorite thing to eat AND Achilles heel.

I actually really love sugar. Yes, Jaclyn Ricchio loves sugar. I love it so much. I've been known to eat spoonfuls of brown sugar while baking cookies. That's spoonfulS with an S because it's multiple. Ugh. Gross. I'm grossed out picturing myself eating spoonfuls of sugar, but yes, I've done it and will probably do it again one day.

So here's the thing: while I love the taste of sugar, I know how awful sugar is for my body. I get headaches when I have too much. I hate the feeling on my teeth after I have a sugary drink. And now I know how sugar tricks my mind into thinking I should just keep eating all the sweets. Once I have one sugary treat, I want to have them all. When I have a baby cupcake, a fun size candy bar, a donut hole, or a mini cookie, I want to have 10 more. One mini treat is never enough. I want all the sugars. All the desserts. All the sweets.

That was part of the reason I decided I needed Whole30 in my life. I was struggling to limit how many sweets and desserts I ate in a day. I learned a lot about sugar on Whole30 and how dependent I had become on it. I limited my sweets are rarely ate desserts in 2015 UNLESS I was having a horrible binge.

For 2016, I am learning how to have balance. How to not do this whole all or nothing. On Whole30, sweets were nada, but when I had an awful binge, sweets were plentiful. A healthy balance for me right now is to have something sweet and tasty BUT NOT EAT A MILLION OF THEM. 

But how do I do that? How do I have something sweet but not let my brain get tricked into eating all the sweets?

I am scheduling a dessert into my day. Instead of tasting any of the abundant and ever present treats at work (cupcakes, candy, donuts, cookies, etc) that I know will unleash my sugar dragon, I allow myself a dessert, a singular dessert when I get home.




I found a way that I can have a dessert Every. Single. Day. 

Something sweet. Something tasty. Something chocolately. Something I don't have to feel guilt about. If I wake up and want to eat it for breakfast instead, I can do that too!

Gasp. It doesn't even count as a yellow on 21 Day Fix.

It's only a red (protein), 1-2 teaspoons of nut butter, and optional walnuts. 



I made fudge using Shakeology.  It counts as a red (protein) on the 21 Day Fix plan, but it has more than just protein and a pretty amazing list of ingredients. It is actually good for me (and you!)

Best parts:

1. Single portion dessert! I don't even have the opportunity to eat a million of these. I only make 1 at a time.

2. It does not unleash my sugar dragon. It's sweetened with fruit (gasp) and a touch of stevia.

3. It keeps me full. I don't want to binge after eating it.

4. It costs the same as a donut from Stan's, but I have zero remorse about this treat. (I've never eaten a donut and thought, "That was a really good decision." Mostly because I can never eat just 1 donut. I want and get 2-3 at a time.)


It's working for me right now. And I am so happy to have desserts back in my life.



Ingredients for Best Dessert Ever

1 Scoop Vegan Chocolate Shakeology

1-2 teaspoons of Nut butter of your choice

Splash of almond milk or milk of your choice


Walnuts (optional, blue)


Directions: In a bowl with tall sides, use a fork to mix 1 scoop of Vegan Chocolate Shakeology with 1 teaspoon of nut butter, sprinkle of salt, and a splash of milk. I am serious about the tall sides! The powder sloshes around if you don't. I usually use a deep Tupperware container. Mix until all the powder is in the mixture. Sprinkle in some walnuts and lightly mix. Form into a ball, patty, or leave as is! Scoop 1 teaspoon of nut butter and microwave for 30 seconds on a plate. Top your fudge with the melted nut butter. EAT RIGHT AWAY!! It gets a weird texture if you let it sit too long. 


Interested in trying out Shakeology before making a big purchase? Shoot me a message!


And dem ingredients: