Eat food you like.... like my tuna salad dip!!!!!!!!

A few years ago, I was working out with a trainer and she introduced me to eating tuna salad for lunch. Yum! She mixed in tuna, hard-boiled eggs, vegetables, seasoning, and I can't remember, but maybe just a little olive oil. I remember going home and trying to recreate her meal. Blah. It tasted blah. I was used to tuna with loads of creamy mayonnaise, and what I made was so gross, but I thought it was healthy and thought it would make me skinny, so I ate it. Didn't last long. I needed something creamy to mix in with the tuna. I knew Greek yogurt was healthy, so I started mixing that in. Did it taste good? Not really, but again, it was healthy, so I kept doing it. I just could not find food that I liked, and that's when I would just binge on whatever I could find on weekends. Be healthy M-F, and say F it Saturday and Sunday. 

If you are eating food that you hate and eating it only because you think it's healthy and what you're supposed to be eating, it's not going to last. That is a diet. You are dieting. You are changing something and making it painful for a short period of time in hopes of losing weight. Diets don't work. Even if you lose weight, as soon as you go back to whatever you were eating before, you are going to gain it back.

You have to find food that is good for you and food that you love. It won't work until you enjoy the food you are eating. 

It's taken me several years to find food that tastes good and is good for me. When I was doing Whole30, I made tuna and chicken salad all the time and loved it. But I was also motivated to make my own mayo (olive oil, egg, salt, mustard.) I am too lazy these days to pull out the blender to make mayo. I need something quick. I want a creamy tuna salad that is quick. 


And the best meal in the world was born.


Tuna + hummus + toppings. 


Guys, this "recipe" is so simple, so cheap, so amazing, I can't believe I get to eat all of it. It's single portioned!! I can eat all of it and not have a tummy ache. I can eat all of it and still be following my 21 Day Fix meal guidelines. I can eat all of it and feel full. I can eat all of it and love every bite. AND PAUL LIKES IT!!!!!!!!!!!


Hint: Pull out several Tupperware containers and make many meals for the whole week. 

Ingredients for 1 serving (measurements are based off of 21 Day Fix meal plan):

1 blue container of Sriracha hummus (The other day, I scored clearance hummus for $1.99! You can get 4-5 servings a tub.)

1 can of tuna (I try to find tuna that is free of soybean oil. Trader Joe's has cans for $1.29 each.)

tomatoes (29 cents each at TJ)

red onion (I don't know what I spent. It's been sitting on my counter forever.)

nacho peppers (maybe $3 for a giant jar)

a few shakes of Italian seasoning


Directions: Mix everything together and eat. My recipes are never real recipes.

Here is the fun part: use it as a dip instead of spreading on bread or putting it on top of a salad. Ever go to a party and get excited about dip? I do. Whatever, dip is the best, and I only ever eat dip at parties. UNTIL NOW. Use your tuna as a dip for cucumbers, baby carrots, crackers, or lettuce shells. Don't like spicy? Use garlic hummus instead. IT'S DELICIOUS. Instead of peppers, use relish or omit completely. Basically, use whatever tuna salad ingredients you would use if you had mayo. 


Oh yeah. One more "recipe." This one for my world famous crackers / chips.



Trader Joe's Lavash bread (maybe $3???)

Directions: Set the oven for 425 degrees. Put Lavash bread in the oven and bake for 7 minutes. Cut apart with a pizza cutter or just break apart the best you can. 


This was perfect for our day at the pool on Sunday. And it was perfect for my lunch on Monday. I am excited about my lunch all week now. YAY.


Tuna salad- 1 blue, 1 red, 1/4 green? (I never measure green. I eat a ton of greens.)

Chips- 1.5 yellow

Dipping veggies (carrots, cucumbers, lettuce)- measure out in a green container


Did you make the recipe using a different hummus? I'd love to know what you tried!