Meet Dana!

I am super excited about my post today. It's the first in the series with many to follow!

Today I want to share my friend Dana's story. Dana decided to participate in my first 21 Day Fix Challenge back in October and has been working with me every month since. Her transformation has been super inspiring to me because she has committed to inner personal growth as well as physical changes while balancing a busy work and home life.

Dana is Ah-mazing. She works as a nurse in a busy hospital in Chicago with 12 hour shifts! Yikes! This girl keeps herself moving. When she gets home from her long work days, she spends time with her adorable and active 4 year old son. Dana is married to her husband Bill who is training to be a firefighter. Do you see the picture I am painting? This girl is BUSY. This family is BUSY. Dana had a lot on her plate even back in October when we first started talking and she still does, but she decided her happiness and health were important. She fell into a habit of putting herself last with her busy schedule. Life was going to keep happening whether she liked it or not, and Dana decided she couldn't wait for circumstances to be perfect. Let me tell you, this girl is rocking it. Since October, Dana has lost 48 pounds. Let me say that again: DANA IS DOWN 48 POUNDS SINCE OCTOBER. Whhhhhhhhhhhaaaaatttt??


Meet Dana!

"I decided to work with a beach body coach because I needed someone to motivate me to get in shape and to get the extra weight off that I have gained since I lost my dad. I have tried eating healthy and going to the gym on my own in the past and I kept failing and going back to my old habits. This works well for me because the workouts are short and show great results. 30 minutes could be done quickly before I have to get my son up for school in the morning. I do not have to worry about what to wear to the gym and if machines will be available. Autumn is a great trainer and really motivates me. My coach Jaclyn really seems to understand my relationship with food and is always there to help me stay on track. Shakeology really works for me. It curbs cravings and keeps me full. I have more energy and I love the way it tastes. Some say it's pricey, I say it's worth it if it gets me back to a healthy way of life."

Do you see that smile? Do you see that bicep? This girl is the epitome of the word STRONG. She has given it her all every week since October. Does that mean she has eaten perfectly every day? Did she miss Christmas cookies or St. Patrick's Day festivities? NO! She still enjoys wine and chocolates every now and then. She's learned to eat real food every day and eat treats in moderation. She's off the crazy diet cycle. I call that LIVING LIFE.

Dana, I am SO proud to watch you grow. Your consistency, your motivation, your amazing recipes, your love and patience in stressful situations, your balance of life- all of it. I am so inspired by you. It is an honor to work with you. You remind me how important it is to be happy along the journey. This is life. We only get one of them, so we better make the best of it. You are are amazing. 

If you are ready to start your our health and fitness journey, doors are open for my upcoming 21 Day Fix Challenge starting on May 8th. You can even meet Dana because she is already signed up!!

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