Failure Part Two

Did you start 2016 with some big goals? How are they going? Did you start on them, life happened, and you don't even remember what your goals were?

That's kinda what happened to me in March. I was uber excited for the month. On March 2, I had a visit from my best friend from high school, and I knew she'd be returning on April 2 for her spring break. I had exactly one month to work on some stuff, and her visit would remind me to check-in with my goals. I wrote this:

"You only get one life to live. You don’t get a second go at life. A month from now, you could be really happy with what you did with the past month or you could be mad that you’re still stuck doing the same shit.  You have to decide what is important to you and how important it is to you. What can you change TODAY to get closer to your goals? Go for a walk/run? Swap sparkling water for that can of pop? Read 10 pages of a personal development book?  Make sure you hug and kiss your spouse when they get home? Get off your social media and actually go visit someone in person? Imagine if you did those things every day for a month. What could your life be like at the end of March?" 

At the beginning of March, I wanted to 

How'd I do? Well, this blog post is called "Failure Part Two" for a reason.

Goal 1: Did I faithfully complete month 1 of Hammer and Chisel? I could try to sugarcoat it, but the true answer is NO. I missed a few workouts because I looked at the calendar incorrectly and I worked out with a trainer on a few days. That's not it. Nutrition is the big part of any exercise program. I learned some new great meals this month, but I also binged on pizza, chocolate cake, and everything in sight on a few days. So no, I did not complete month 1 of Hammer and Chisel to my liking. Am I disappointed in myself? Well, what's done is done. I am not going to talk myself down about what I did in the past but am going to use it to plan for my future. I failed, but I am ready and committed to be on point with H+C this month INCLUDING the nutrition. I am following the second calorie bracket for Hammer and Chisel which is 1500-1799 calories a day. More on my food this week. Message me if you are interested in finding out more about the meal plan. 

Goal 2: Did I help 3 people lose 10lbs or more? The wording on this goal is my bad. I know what I meant when I wrote it. I meant that I wanted to help 3 new people this month. I helped 3 clients that I love and have been working with for the past few months. Did I help new people? No. Am I ready to help new people this month? YES.

Goal 3: Did I go on 2 day trips with Paul? NO! So sad. We went to Ikea a bunch, and we went to a new restaurant, but no, we did not explore the state like I wanted to do. 

So what happened? How did I not meet any of my goals this month? 

I started a new teaching job just a few days after writing that post. Any new job takes up a giant amount of time. I am at work 7:30am-5pm, and for the first couple of days, I was there much later than 5pm. I was exhausted when I got home. This teaching job is not easy.

So I have an excuse, right? No. I made the decision to come home and mindlessly browse Buzzfeed instead of working on my goals. I made the decision to go out on weekends and not stick to my meal plan. No one forced me to do those things. I made the choice. 

I failed to make my goals a priority. There are people who are far busier than me that achieve their goals. I have no excuse for my failure.

But I am ready for April.


In more positive news:

Jenny P came to visit this weekend just as she promised, 1 month after her first visit. Her birthday is always over spring break. She just went on a cruise with her boyfriend Tim, and we told stories of our random high school group of friends that went on a cruise a few years ago. Crap, just checked the date. It was 6 years ago! It was such a random trip. 

Schaumburg High School acquaintances on a cruise in 2010

Schaumburg High School acquaintances on a cruise in 2010

Back to Spring Break 2016, I was so excited to be on break starting Friday. I have only been at my school for 4 weeks, but I needed this break. Jenny and her boyfriend Tim drove from Florida to Georgia and we just chilled on Friday night. I drank a beer. I rarely drink! I know I am in the minority on this one, but I don't like drinking that much. Every once in a while, but I don't miss it when I don't do it. I'd rather eat... Anywho, I got Shandy because it's basically summer here. Well, 60s and 70s. Sorry Chicago. 




On Saturday, we went to Stone Mountain and went for a hike. Paul and I bought an annual parking pass so we can hike whenever we want. Stone Mountain is basically a giant stone in the city. It is a pretty steep hike which I love. That burn! One day I will get up there without taking a rest! It was a BEAUTIFUL DAY. We lucked out. 

Saturday night, we stuck around the apartment and pretended we were college kids. I got some good use out of my 21 Day Fix containers. 

And this morning, I woke up remembering why I don't really like drinking! Jenny P and Tim were gone as they began their 13 hour drive back to Wisconsin. They were the best guests and even cleaned our kitchen. But seriously, when you don't see someone go a long time, you really appreciate the time you get to spend with them. I loved walking up the mountain and talking with Jenny and Tim, playing silly games, and just chilling. They are good people.

Their break is over, but I am only a few days into mine.  :) 

Tomorrow I start my April 21 Day Fix Accountability Group. I work with women who have health and fitness goals. I am excited for "Spring Clean Eating"- a chance to prioritize clean eating for 21 days straight.

I am keeping pretty much the same goals for April:

1. Faithfully complete month 2 of Hammer and Chisel.

2. Help 3 NEW people work on their health and fitness goals. 

3. Go on 2 day trips with Paul.

And I am adding a new goal: 4. Blog every Sunday about how I am doing with my goals. 


I failed at these goals in March, but failure is a part of me so that I can learn from my mistakes. I am ready for April. How will I make sure I achieve my goals this month? Prioritizing. I won't have more time this month, but I will use my time more wisely. I'll let you know how my week went next Sunday!