I like desserts.

When I first did 21 Day Fix 2 years ago, I failed for lots of reasons, one being because I hoarded all my containers to make as many desserts as I could at night. After dinner, I'd have banana ice cream, protein powder mug brownies, ricotta cheesecake, and anything else I could eat. Yes, I'd have SEVERAL of these snacky items AFTER dinner. 

Then I went the extreme opposite. I did Whole30 which said a big no no to desserts of any kind. Which I followed when I was really committing to Whole30, but then I'd binge on donuts on weekends. Gosh. Such a mess.

There's been a lot of healing going on since then.

I am in a pretty good place with food. It's not perfect. (Hello, it will never be perfect.) But I feel pretty good about my relationship with food. I I tend to eat the same or similar things for each meal. I still follow 21 Day Fix because I need this structure to my day. (Maybe one day, I will be able to eat without a plan, but right now, I need this, and that's fine.)

For my whole day, I am allowed 4 greens, 3 purples, 4 reds, 3 yellows, 1 blue, 1 orange, 4 teaspoons of oil. And by "allowed," I mean "NEED TO EAT." This isn't one of those skip meals, eat only 1000 calories, wear saran wrap while eating, or replace several meals with a shake kind of meal plans. This is a "learn what food is, learn how much you need to eat, and learn how many servings to eat to be your best" kind of meal plan. I am learning how to eat food to be healthy. Losing weight is a by product of good nutrition.

For breakfast, I have a yellow (carb), purple (fruit), red(protein), and 2 teaspoons (fat.) Lunch- 2 greens (veggies), yellow, red, blue (fat like cheese or hummus.) Snack- purple. Dinner- 2 greens, red, yellow. With my orange, I either have salad dressing or some extra sunflower seeds. 

And then here is the best part. I have a dessert every night. Seriously. I plan it into my meal plan. I've found that by allowing myself 1 dessert, I do not feel the need to hoard or binge on weekends. I've been making the brownie thing usually, but I recently made an even better dessert.

Chocolate covered frozen bananas.  I feel 0 guilt about having this dessert. I eat it as a post workout snack. I've read to have protein and carbohydrates after a workout, and this is that! 

I've read other 21 Day Fix dessert recipes, but my problem is that when I eat dessert, I want to eat ALL of what I see. (When we make cookies from those refrigerated doughs, I want to eat ALL of the cookies, not just 1 or 2. See- not a perfect relationship with food!) So when I see a recipe that says "12 servings," my thought is... Yeah, Ima eat those servings in one sitting.

With this one, I can eat ALL of this dessert, and it's okay. ALL of it is actually 1 serving. It would be the same as me putting Shakeology, banana, and peanut butter into a blender to make a shake. I am just eating it as a frozen banana dessert treat instead. 


Vegan Chocolate Shakeology

2 teaspoons of peanut butter

splash of almond milk 


Mix the Shakeology, peanut butter, and milk together until it looks like brownie batter. Slice the banana and coat each slice with the mixture. Put the bananas on wax paper and freeze for an hour. (Go do your workout while you are waiting for it to freeze.) Enjoy! You get to eat all of those!

Actually this looks really good too! Might try this next time...

Actually this looks really good too! Might try this next time...





OOOOH. And you can lick the bowl. Use one of these spatulas. They're the best. 


Counts as 1 red, 1-2 purples (use 1/2 or 1 full banana,) and 2 teaspoons. (I don't usually bother to count the splash of almond milk. 1 cup of unsweetened almond milk = 30 calories. 2 tablespoons = 10ish calories. Not significant.) 

So a dessert that is good for me, has my daily vitamins, tastes good, is portion controlled, easy to make, can be eaten after my workout, and does NOT leave me feeling awful? Yes. I will take it. And it costs the same as a gourmet donut that is NOT good for me, makes me want to eat a million of them, and leaves me feeling awful? I'll take my dessert any day. 


What are your favorite desserts to eat?