The scale is full of LIES

Today is Day 3 of my July accountability group, and we are rocking our post-holiday weekend workouts and tasty meals. I shared this in my group today, and then was like... I just need to share this with other people too because EVERYONE STRUGGLES WITH THAT STUPID SCALE.

I recently read a running article that told me to weigh myself before a run, then run run run run run (sing that like Rihanna would), and then weigh myself after the run. If I lost a pound, I should drink 16 oz of water.

Cool, I can do that.

This morning I ran 3 very slow miles in this freaking hot and humid AF HOTlanta weather. I got home, stripped down, and got on the scale, and guess how much weight I lost!!



Let me rephrase that. The scale went up 1.8 pounds. I didn't gain 1.8 pounds of fat. I have no idea exactly why the scale went up, but I am sure it was a combination of the breakfast I ate, the water I drank on my run, and other body things going on that I have no idea about.


Do I look 1.8 pounds heavier than what I did before my run?? Did that 3 mile run make me get fat?? Is it because I was running really slowly that I gained weight?? Did the 1.8 pounds go back on my thighs?? (These are legit thoughts 2014 Jaclyn would be crying about. And they are stupid, hurtful, and ridiculous thoughts to have.)

The scale does not matter. The scale does not define you. It is one way to measure progress, but it is not the only way. It is not reliable. Having a healthy relationship with food, having a healthy relationship with exercise, having a healthy relationship with your body, having more energy, being able to run faster or lift heavier, completing a workout program, fitting into smaller pants, seeing muscles in progress photos, smiling when you see yourself in the mirror, etc... those are better ways to measure your progress.

In conclusion, either A. Throw the scale away. OR B. Weigh yourself one day a week and hide the scale for the rest of the week. It's full of lies that you don't need ruining your day.

Do you struggle with checking on the scale over and over again? I've been there. Let's chat or tell me your goals at LET'S CHAT STEW. <3