Body Beast Day 3

day 3.jpg

Day 3!!!

This is a double post day. Ever have a day where you miss something and then decide to just throw in the towel on everything? Yeah, me too. I missed my post yesterday, but I told myself to just write one today for yesterday, and everything will be okay.

And it is! Everything is okay.

Imperfect consistency. That's what this is. And that's my theme of 2017. Be consistent and not worry about perfection. Embrace imperfection and keep moving on.

Ok day 3 of Body Beast.

Guys, when we went to bed last night, our butts hurt when we walked. This morning, even more. Thanks dead lifts. Thanks Sagi. You got us.

Today was back and biceps!!!

Let's talk about my biceps, shall we?? My arms are the weakest part of my body. Whenever I do biceps, I can feel something in my wrist snap.. like a rubber band. Sooooo that's not good! Today I took it really slow to not agitate that. I used baby 5 lb weights, and who cares?!? Baby steps.

Today I also realized that there were 5 dudes in our gym sharing the weights, and I was the only girl. In the past, I'd have been too afraid to be there and would have just said forget it. (Remember last year at my company gym how going to the weight side of the gym instead of just the treadmill side was a big accomplishment for me??? Yeah!!! Baby steps turn into GIANT steps when you practice them every day. The Compound Effect!) So I was lifting amongst all these dudes, and I had to not let what they were doing affect me. And I also had to make sure I made my space and kept it. Thankfully all these guys were easy to work around, but I know old mousy Jaclyn would have let guys walk all over her and kick her out of this space.

I did my thang today!!

Each morning, I download the workout we are doing on the Beachbody on Demand app and play it. I use my blue tooth headphones so that I can keep the phone out of my way while lifting. I usually keep it against the wall and just listen to what Sagi is saying. If I am not sure of what the move is or just need a refresher on form, I walk up to the phone to see what's up. It's been a pretty good method for me! Having the video/audio playing helps me keep pace and not take too long on breaks. Sometimes I do have to pause the video because I might have to wait for someone to finish using weights, but otherwise, having the video helps me keep momentum and not let the 40 minute workout turn into a 90 minute workout.

The best part is when Sagi says ridiculous things and I start laughing. I have realized that Sagi is playing a character to relate to these macho dudes doing the program. I am not his ideal client, but I can still benefit from this program. Even though I'm not a dude, I can be beastly. And it's kinda fun to do something challenging and know I am NOT going to be coddled.

That was day 3! We are going to be hurting tomorrow. Ready for a rest day!!!!

What are your thoughts on doing a macho program like Body Beast? Have I scared you or intrigued you????