Body Beast Day 4

Paul DID workout with me. We just woke up late, so he had to jump in the shower as soon as we finished the workout. I am so proud of him for insisting we do the workout even though we woke up late!

Paul DID workout with me. We just woke up late, so he had to jump in the shower as soon as we finished the workout. I am so proud of him for insisting we do the workout even though we woke up late!

Happy Day 4 of Body Beast!

Every month I run accountability groups where women commit to doing a Beachbody program and then check in each day to share how things are going. Perfection is NOT expected. We all live lives. None of us are body builders or bikini competitors. So the focus is on how we can incorporate healthy habits into a busy life because life never stops. You know how on The Biggest Loser, the contestants get to leave their homes for several weeks and workout for several hours a day and have zero other responsibilities. One problem with this is that the people don't learn how to live their ordinary lives while working out and eating well. It's not realistic. It's not duplicable. And when they go back home, they end up gaining back all the weight because they weren't able to practice those habits in real life. And that whole "working out 8 hours a day and trying to lose a significant amount of weight in a short period of time is super scary and not healthy" thing. I digress. Oooh I got way off topic.

Ok so I run accountability groups each month and have for the last 1.5 years. It's ordinary women with ordinary jobs trying to make healthy habits a thing with their busy lives. This month is AWESOME. I teamed up with two other coaches, and we are running a badass community this month. I love collaborating and getting new ideas.

Yesterday's check in prompt was: "In 3 days, I already....." OMG the responses our challengers gave! People already feel strong, they feel committed, they feel happy, they feel proud, they've already overcome some challenges of the week and have planned for future challenges that will arise in life. Like this is the best month ever getting to see people grow, reflect, change, and grow some more. I am so happy and lucky to be in this group with these amazing women.

This morning I was reflecting on my week. In 4 days, I already have completed 4 morning workouts. In 4 days, I have woken up early, did really challenging workouts, and felt STRONG. Today we did cardio and while I hoped it would be us running in place for 30 minutes, I know better than that. Beachbody programs are always high quality, and when they say cardio, they are going to push you so your body keeps burning calories after the workout is done. Today's workout still used weights! There were a lot of squats with weights, lunges, planks, and a million other things. In 4 days, I already feel so proud of myself for having the mental game on point to do these effing ridiculous things. My legs feel so strong. So sore and so strong. Even when I am not flexing, I feel like my quads are HUGE and in a good way. In 4 days, I am starting to see my body differently and talk about it differently. Because I am eating more calories- 2200 calories vs my usual 1800 and 9 servings of carbs instead of my usual 3 a day, I know I am going to be a little bloated. And I am okay with it. I am not interested in quick fixes anymore or picking on myself in the mirror anymore. I am trusting the process and doing what my program guide says to do. For these first two months, I am eating a lot of carbs. In my last month, I swap it and will be eating a lot of protein instead. My body will be looking different, but again, I am just trusting the process and focusing on long-term success aka muscles and not worrying about having a flat stomach today. It's amazing to focus on being strong and working on my mental game and not worrying about being skinny. And no, don't you dare start worrying about me obsessing over having a perfect body or worrying about me trying to be some body builder who gets calf implants. I am getting myself mentally stronger and more accepting of myself with these workouts.

Ps. This is the app I use to track my food. It says I weigh 150. To be honest, I haven't weighed myself in a while and don't know if that's accurate. I am staying away from the scale for a while because what the scale says doesn't matter to me. But... I will need to weigh myself eventually to make sure I am eating enough food.

Happy day 4! Hope you have a beastly day! 🙌🏽💪🏽💪🏽🏋🏻👌🏽😁😉