Body Beast Day 6

There is no Body Beast Day 6.


IT'S A REST DAY! (I think... That's at least what Paul told me!)

Love rest days, but also I gotta keep my body moving. I have this thing where I like streaks. Call it perfectionism, but Fck that. It's being imperfectly consistent. I am not pushing myself to do a hard workout 7 days a week. I do hard workouts according to the workout plan, and then I do something light like a 3 mile hike + yoga.

It was 72 degrees here today in Atlanta, and we had to get outside. Just last week, there was a big scare about snow and then all the rain froze! So today pretending to be spring pushed us outside. It felt good to be in fresh air and to get my legs moving on our walk.

We found a trail by Emory University, and it was so beautiful! THIS IS WHY WE MOVED HERE. We moved here for the opportunity to take a short drive and see nature. To hike more. To have fun with adventure dog. To enjoy warm weather. To live life and not hibernate for the majority of the year. 


Exploring Georgia is one of my favorite things to do. The last time we went hiking was on Thanksgiving, and that feels forever ago. Today was such a great day. 


All that hiking made me UBER hungry. We stopped at Chipotle, and it was amazing. Can you believe I felt zero guilt eating this burrito? I got a burrito and NOT a salad! I ate half of it, and when we got home, I was still hungry and ate the rest of the inside parts and gave Jameson the rest of the tortilla. She was hungry too! She went for two walks today!

And guys, I think my body has gotten used to this eating plan because just a bit later, I was HUNGRY again. This time I made a dish with a ton of plants. Yes, that did the trick. When in doubt, eat more plants. Seriously.


After all that food, I did 10 minute yoga because YOGA!!! I love Yoga Retreat on Beachbody on Demand for yoga because I can pick a 10 or 30 minute routine, know its high quality, and feel good about my accomplishment. And I can check off that I worked out.

And then I drank a beer. So year, I guess this post had zero to do with Body Beast and was just about me being a normal person. I like being a normal person again. It is freeing. 


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