Body Beast Day 7

Day 7!!!

So this program is definitely a lot different than all the other programs. Day 7 was a repeat of Day 1. We did chest and triceps again! I laughed through so much of it. I wasn't Sagi's biggest fan during Hammer and Chisel last spring, but now I just laugh at everything he says. It's ridiculous and makes the workout a lot easier to do.

I am getting the hang of the sets too.

First you do 15 reps with a lighter weight, then you do 12 reps with a heavier weight, then you do 8 reps with an even heavier weight, and then you drop and do 8 reps with a lighter weight again. The fun part of all this is pushing yourself to do heavy weights and make it through all the reps. Yeah, I said fun.

I am finding the mental challenge so much fun.

Usually we rely on a trainer, teacher, or someone in charge and we want to please them. Right now, I am working on me for me and for no one else. It's amazing. It's fun!!! It's a challenge for me against me!!!

I am still getting the hang of it all. Sometimes things don't work out perfectly because other people in the gym are using the weights I want, so I just have to make it work. Sometimes I find a weight was way too easy or way too hard. Tracking is important... we are supposed to be writing down our weights as we go. I should start that tomorrow...

Day 7 is done!!! I think my arm is bigger????