Body Beast Day 8 Part 1

Day 8!!!

Day 8 is a lie. We didn't do Body Beast today.

Last night, Paul and I were up pretty late. I've been doing a cooking show at 9:30pm our time, but I get so stressed out about it before and so stressed out after... like I watch the video over and over looking at my eyebrows and my teeth and noticing if I spoke in complete sentenced or messed up what I was trying to say. So while I finished the show at 10pm, I didn't fall asleep until close to 12:30am.

When we woke up for our workout this morning, I hadn't gotten much sleep. Unrelated, Paul had a fever and a major headache! I didn't get up at our usual 6am, and I decided I would just hold off on Body Beast to do with Paul. I replaced with Core de Force MMA Sweat- my favorite! And I wasted way too much time today. Not exactly how I want to start my Monday, but I am granting myself grace, planning for a better tomorrow, and ready to kick butt.

Hopefully Paul is better and we can do Body Beast!