Body Beast Day 10


Friday I laughed because skinny-armed me is doing the same workouts as these beasty guys.


Friday was Cardio, and I felt like my quads were going to burst open. They are on fire!!! It feels good to know I am getting stronger. It's feels good to feel confident in muscles instead of worrying about being skinny.

10 months ago, I cried to the other coaches on my team because it seemed no matter what I did, my thighs were not getting smaller. I had no intention of quitting working out, but I just wanted to know what I was doing wrong.


Now I know it's the Compound Effect. I was doing everything I needed to be doing. It's just that my legs are the last part of my body to lose weight. It is what it is. No matter how hard I work my legs, my body loses weight from my face, arms, BOOBS, and belly. My legs still wobble. Guys, I've done two marathons and almost 1000 miles, and my legs still wobble. I won't give up. It's just me working on getting stronger rather than me crying about my legs being big.

How did I get this way? How did I change my mindset??? From talking to other coaches, from personal development, from learning from what my coach was doing, and from just plain being sick of always being mean to myself.

Life is more fun this way.

And I am going to be beasty soon!

Better than yesterday!

Better than yesterday!