Body Beast Day 11

Finally! The power couple is back at it!!!

A few years ago, I told Paul I wanted to be a power couple and he asked what that meant. I said I wanted both of us to have big muscles... power!!! And we are on our way there!!

It was so good to have him back. I missed him so much! I am glad he listened to his body and rested when he needed to.

We picked up today with Shoulders!! Ahhhh. My shoulders are very weak!

Last night, Paul and I were talking about our strengths. I said one of my strengths is taking things I am really bad at and making them things I am really good at. This is new. This is new Jaclyn who just wants to try new things and stop being scared and shy. So my weak shoulders will soon be strong shoulders.

I am trying to be more mindful of my self-limiting thoughts. When I say that something is too hard or too much money or too good for me. F that. I have one life to live, and I want to live it to the fullest. When I try new things, when I do hard things, I get stronger. My coach Anna always tells me that I can do hard things, and I believe her.

So today, I had to use 5lb weights for a lot of the sets. Whatever. I can do hard things. I can start as a beginner, I can remind myself to not get overwhelmed, take things day by day, work at things every day, not give up... and eventually the Compound Effect happens. Those small daily habits will add up.

My arms are going to be sooooo strong because I've decided I'm done being weak. I am a strong woman. 💪🏽