January 30

January 30th is kinda a big deal, and I had no idea until Facebook told me.

Whatever your opinion is on social media, you have to admit it is fun when Facebook tells you what you did in previous years. You get to see how much you've grown, what silly things you used to do when you were young, who you were friends with, and what what happening in your life. You get to reminisce and think about the feelings these moments bring up. Were you dating someone that was shitty to you?  Yay! You're passed that. Were you out with friends and having the time of your life? Yay, call them up now! 

For me, most of my memories on Facebook have to do with me starting a new diet or starting a new workout plan.


I have seen "Starting diet tomorrow." and "Will someone help me learn to run?" and "I need a trainer. Does anyone have suggestions?" and "Oh, I learned to make this healthy dessert." over and over and over again. 


But today was different. January 30 must be my day. 


January 30 is 1 month from my birthday, December 30th.


In 2015, I completed my first Whole30. On January 30, 2015, I wore jeans for the first time in years. I gave up wearing jeans because they were so painful on my body. But on January 30, I wore jeans for the first time. 

If you haven't been reading this blog for a while, I want you to know that I DON'T recommend Whole30 to anyone. I think it is too all or nothing. It brought up this perfectionist mindset for me and made me feel like a failure when I ate something off plan. It really messed with my head, and it took me months to feel comfortable with food and learn how to eat without feeling like I was going to get fat... Just read and educate yourself before doing it. 

Nonetheless, it was the first time I had accomplished something start to finish, and it felt great to know that I could set my mind to something and do it every day for 30 days straight. 

Completing that program helped me set the groundwork for knowing I could do hard things if I really wanted to. 2015 was also the year I completed a marathon with some shitty, shitty training, and the year I finally completed 21 Day Fix and 21 Day Fix Extreme after several attempts. 

So while the diet aspect of Whole30 kinda messed me up, the COMPLETING something set me on fire. I love completing things. I love accomplishing things. I love knowing that the the only thing standing in my way is ME, so I better get outta my way and accomplish the things I want to do!!


January 30 was also the day I left Illinois for Georgia. 

On January 29th, I left our dear apartment in Chicago. Paul moved out on December 26, 2015 with just a suitcase, and I stayed behind and finished things up with our apartment and gave notice to my company. On January 29th, I made my poor mother, father, and brother walk up and down the stairs of our Wicker Park apartment and carry all our shit to the cars. Who knew how much shit we had in our 1 bedroom/loft? Apparently a lot. We had purged a bunch of stuff, but we still had 4 cars full of stuff. STUFF. 

My dad, brother, and I grabbed dinner at Hollywood Grill. I remember telling him I was feeling excited and nervous about leaving Chicago. It was an adventure, but it was also a forced adventure.

I didn't really want to leave Chicago.

I had just found a decent job in September. I had just made new friends at work. I was trying to figure out what my life was going to be post-teaching, and then we decided to up and move to Atlanta where I had no job and no friends. Sometimes I said mean things to Paul about having to move, but it really was the best time for me to move. I had no mortgage, I had no kids, and while I had a job, it wasn't a career. I didn't want to be doing what I was doing for more than a few years. And I knew that Paul wanted to move. For the then 6 years that we had been dating, he had talked about moving several times, but I always said no. If there ever was a time for us to leave Chicago, that was it. I wanted to do something that made him happy, and I didn't want him to live life regretting that he never got to move somewhere outside of Chicago.

While all of this was happening, I was still doing my 100 day 1 mile a day streak. Even on moving day, I made my streak happen. That feels GOOD to look back on. It feels good to smile and think about how balls to the wall crazy I was last year. How committed I was. How I did something extreme just to prove to myself I wasn't a quitter. 

And it's fun to see how much I was in love with Jameson and Paul back then. Paul and I have had many ups and downs in the last 7 years, but I truly believe he is the one for me. He has supported me in every crazy thing I've done, and he believes in me. I wouldn't move for anyone but this guy. 

Guys, January 30 was probably Jameson's worst nightmare. My parents stuffed all of our shit into their car, and my dad drove, my mom sat in the passenger seat, and their crazy dog Lucky sat in the back seat. Lucky was a rescue pup, and my parents didn't trust him with anyone because he was effing insane, so they brought him on the drive to Atlanta. My parents packed their car as best they could, and we packed my car, and the rest of our crap sat in the basement. Poor Jameson only had the passenger seat for the 12 hour drive. I put down a blanket and tried to keep her calm during the drive, but she was obviously super uncomfortable. I fed her raw hide treats the whole drive, and then I realized I had no water bowl for her! Poor pup. I did not plan that very well. Lesson learned. 

When we got to Atlanta 12 hours later, Paul made a silly "Welcome to Atlanta" sign and we easily unpacked everything into our new, fancy apartment with its elevator and rolly carts. That move was so much easier.

My parents spent the night at a hotel, and poor Jameson and Lucky stayed with Paul and me in our new apartment. My parents were right that Lucky would be insane. He did not sleep the whole night. He was shaking and crying for my parents. Paul tried to lay on top of him to calm him down. We tried laying on the bed with him. We tried the floor. Nothing worked. Poor dog. Jameson was like "WTF IS THIS? JUST BRING MY BACK TO WICKER PARK!" Yes, January 30th was her worst day ever. 

So January 30 is a big day for me. In 2015, I completed Whole30 and proved to myself I could do hard things. In 2016, I took a leap of faith and moved to a new city. 

It's 2017, and January 30 marks the day I stop holding myself back from things I know I can do. January 30 marks the day I begin taking myself seriously. January 30 marks the day I stop saying mean things to myself. January 30th marks the day I seriously work on my coaching business.

Facebook has given me a million things to look back on. I am excited for January 30, 2018 and to say, "HOLY F*CK. Look at how far I have come as a coach. Look at my baby blog. Look at my baby muscles. Look at who I used to be. Look at the things I used to struggle with."

January 30th. F*ck January 1st being the beginning. January 30th is where it's at!!!


If you are looking back at your Facebook memories and are less than pleased, know that you are capable of changing things. You can make any month or any year amazing.


Make a goal and then list the baby steps you need to take to get there. WRITE OUT the things that usually get it in the way of your goal. Write what you can do to combat those.


And drop me a message if you need support this year so that January 30, 2018, you're also like HOLY F*CK, that was an amazing year. 


I have a community opening up February 6th to help support you make big changes in your life. 

And emotional support to still love yourself when you mess up, fail, need to take a break, or just don't know what to do. I am your girl.

Click here to let me know your goals.


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