Perfection vs. Consistency

I went through to this period in my journey where I thought I needed to be perfect in order to change. I thought my diet needed to be perfect. I thought my exercise routines needed to be perfect. If it wasn't perfect, I'd tell myself it wasn't worth doing. I was perfect at Whole30, and when I wasn't being perfect, I was a flipping mess. I was perfect with my 100 Day Running Streak, and after that streak, I gave up on wanting to run for a long time. 

Being perfect requires a lot of time, energy, and stress. And it's not possible to do for a long period of time. And it's not worth trying to be or trying to do.

I could perfectly do Whole30 for 30 days at a time, but every time, on day 31 or day 37... I'd fall apart and go back to everything I missed eating. I could run 1 mile every day for 100 days, but that stress of running every day made me grow to hate running.

I'm not sorry that I did Whole30, and I am not sorry I did my 100 day running streak. I learned a ton about myself, I challenged myself, and I proved to myself I could do anything. But I also know I can never do Whole30 or a similar all or nothing diet ever again. I also know I can never do a 100 day streak ever again. Trying to be perfect causes more stress in my life than I need.

So let's talk about consistency. 

Back in the middle of November, I started a 30 day mixed martial arts at home workout program. I didn't want to do it. It's not my strength. It's not the type of workout I like. I like lifting weights. But a bunch of my friends were doing it, so I gave it a shot. I know my friends are smart people, and if they're all going to give this a try, I should at least too. 

This program starts out weird. If you're like me, you have two left feet. You got cut from dance teams in the first round. You got yelled at by your grandpa for stepping on his feet at weddings. 

That's me.


It took me way more than 30 days to complete! I skipped a few workouts because I was sore or didn't schedule things very well. 

At first, I hated the program because I looked silly AF and wasn't breaking a sweat because I was so unsure of what I was doing. The great thing about these programs is no one is watching you! It's just you! My dog Jameson didn't even judge me. And then second great thing is if you F up a workout, you get to do it again in a few days and get better at it!

Guys, I got pretty good at the program!!


Listen, I am not winning any awards and Joel and Jericho haven't called me YET to be in CDF 2, but I got what I needed to get out of this program: a daily at home workout that challenged me but was still doable. 

And I wasn't on point with nutrition this month, and as weird as this sounds, I am okay with that. In May, I decided I wasn't going to worry about calories over the summer but just eat nutrient-dense foods because I was marathon training and I didn't want a calorie deficit on my long runs! 


After the marathon in October, I had several mini freak outs about food and losing weight and being obsessive. My girl Anna calmed me down and reminded me it's the baby steps every day and there is no quick fix. And that I am okay. I am seriously 100% okay and safe. It's good to have someone to remind you of that!


And while I followed the nutrition plan as in eating lots of vegetables, beans, complex carbs, and lean proteins, I also had desserts and some alcohol which I had deprived myself of for most of this year and last year. I don't want to live a life where I never have alcohol or desserts! So I was happy to indulge every once in a while without it turning into a week long binge. 



Even without being perfect, this is my month long transition. I love the freedom of not being perfect. Of not trying to be perfect, but being CONSISTENT over a long period of time. Consistency and perfection are not the same!!


I don't know how many pounds I lost. I stopped weighing myself obsessively a long time ago. Each and every month, I tell my coaching clients to weigh themselves only at the beginning and end of the month if at all. If they feel the need to weigh more than that, then only 1 time a week and to not really care too much about it. That number means nothing! 


How you FEEL matters.




This photo is a 2.5 year transformation, from the first time I did 21 Day Fix with Anna to now. Was I perfect the last 2.5 years? Oh F no. Was I consistent? You better believe it. I have not quit on myself in the last 2.5 years. When I've fallen down, I've gotten back up. How? By surrounding myself with people who are working on the same shit. By making it about more than just the weight. By developing a good relationship with myself, with food, and with the scale or rather breaking up with my scale! It feels amazing, and I am so excited for 2017!


This has been an amazing journey, and this has been my favorite program. I never actually wanted to do Core de Force, but I am so glad I allowed myself to be peer pressured into doing it. :) 


Thank you #teaminspirejoy for challenging my mind and and giving me the inspiration to challenge my body. 


Interested in trying Core de Force with me this January?? Or another program? Or just need to vent? Let's start 2017 on a STRONG note. 💪🏽💪🏽 Shoot me an email at I have a FREE group starting soon!

Person- "WTF is a group? I see you posting about them all the time."

Jaclyn- "YEAH! They're the best! You know when you decide you need an accountability partner so you ask you friend to go to the gym with you, but 3 days in, you or your friend bails and then the week is shot, and you guys don't go back for WEEKS. I am you virtual accountability partner. When you drop off the face of the planet, it is literally my job to not let you quit on yourself."

Person- "Oh, that sounds really cool! I want in!"

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Person- "That's it?"

Jaclyn- "That's it. I want you to try this out and make sure it's what you need. I have ongoing group throughout the year, but let's make sure that you actually like this!"

Person- "Cool! I am going to email you!"

Jaclyn- "Yay! It's"