Body Beast Day 1


Oh hai frayends! Thanks for joining us. Here you will find a day by day update and review of the most beastly program there is...


(Did you change your voice to read that? If not, go back and reread it as if you were a muscley dude.💪🏽)

Body Beast is a 90 day at home weight lifting program. You do need a range of weights, so you can actually do it at a gym too. That's what we are doing!

There is nothing cutesy or feminine about it. I usually rely on my ladies Autumn, Chalene, or Jericho to give me that boost of girl power. I relate to them so well. Not this program though. You have Sagi, who is the muscle-iest of muscle dudes, leading the way. He is super knowledgeable about weights and building a beastly body, and he is not going to baby you throughout the program.

This is a challenge for me.

And I like it!

Day 1 was 50 minutes of chest and triceps. You do super sets, giants sets, and drop sets. I am still learning what all those mean, but luckily I have my muscley BF and 90 days with Sagi to learn all of them.

At the end of today, I was supposed to do tricep push-ups, and let's just say... I gave it my all, but it just wasn't happening.

That's ok.

My upper body is very weak, and I know that I will get better. In the past, I would have let that defeat me and decide this program wasn't for me. I am committed to completing this program, even if I mess up and it's super imperfect. If this program was easy, then there would be no point in doing it. It's a mental challenge first and a physical challenge second. When my head is in the game, my body will follow through.

You wanna know the best part about this program??? Getting to eat NINE servings of carbs. Hells to the yes. Is butter a carb? Sure! I basically get to eat whatever I want as long as I measure and track things. There used to be a super confusing meal plan that went with it, but they rewrote the meal plan to use the Portion Fix containers- those cutesy green, red, purple, yellow, orange, and blue containers I've been using the last 3 years to track my meals. Amen. I had oatmeal, a Recover protein shake, banana, and PB for breakfast. Yum to the um.


Day 1 of 90.

Feeling shaky and swole. :)



I didn't eat all of my food! Better day tomorrow! ;)