Regular food. Not Pinterest food.

Not every meal you eat has to look like something on Pinterest.


I said it. It has to be known. Social media is pretty cool in that we get to see so many different ways of life, but holy crap, social media can make us think we are not as cool, not as organized, not as creative, and just down right not as perfect as the lady with the picture Pinterest board.

We've been talking about this a lot in my 4 Month Kick in the Butt Bootcamp. This group has busy ladies who also do not have time and energy to keep up with the Joneses. The Pinterest Joneses.

Sometimes we just gotta throw shit together and eat it and be happy we ate instead of sad our food isn't perfect.


And I keep it real.


Stop and check yourself:

-Are you constantly saying that you are bored with food??

Make a decision:

a. Spend the time looking on blogs Pinterest, or google for recipes. We live in a time where we have a million choices. There is not excuse for being bored! Literally everything we need is a click away.

b. STOP SAYING YOU ARE BORED. Ima be the reality check you need: 20 years ago, we had waaaay fewer food options. The internet did not exist, and our parents made Tuna Casseroles on Monday, burgers on Tuesday, Pizza on Wednesdays, etc, and had you told your mom you were bored with the food she was feeding you, she would have told you she didn't care and to eat it anyway.


Social media makes us think that other people are eating Pinterest meals for every meal.

I'M NOT! I am anti-Pinterest!

It's a huge time-sucker!

(ps. I love Pinterest. I just can't get sucked in a rabbit hole! I don't have time for that!)

So either invest the time and find your meals or keep is simple AF and be happy that you have fresh veggies to eat.

If we were in a third world country, we would be excited AF for fresh veggies to eat. We wouldn't complain about it.

Ya know how our moms told us to finish our plates because there were starving children in Africa? Maybe we not use starving countries as a reason to overeat, but we can remember our privilege we have being born into the country we were born and in the year we were born to have fresh veggies, clean and plain AF water, and time and energy to make food. We are privileged. Let's not complain. Let's enjoy our food.

I never have a perfect meal plan, but I keep it simple and eat lots of grab and go meals.

On Monday, I drove from Savannah to Atlanta and then went right into work. I had to grab and eat what I could.

On Tuesday, I worked for 12 hours. After work, Paul and I went grocery shopping, but I didn't have time to prep anything.

So today is Wednesday, and on Wednesdays, I work for 15 hours.

Not eating is not an option. Food is fuel, and I work with kids all day, AND coach, AND blog, AND do a million other things. I need my fuel. I have to fill my cup so that I have energy to help others.

And going to McDonalds is not an option. It is a waste of my time, money, and energy. And when I eat it, I feel tired and sad. SO no, crappy food is not an option.

 So eating grab and go food is what I did.


FullSizeRender (3).jpg

Breakfast: Oatmeal with 1/2 banana and peanut butter. Prep time: 80 seconds.


Lunch: Soup with carrots and hummus. Prep time: 80 seconds.

Lunch: Broccoli, sweet potato, and Autumn Harvest pasta sauce. Prep time: 5 minutes.

Plus a vegan vanilla superfood protein shake! (Not pictured.)



Snack: Fruit bar. Prep time: 0.

Dinner: Brussels sprouts, microwaved beans, veggie patty. Prep time: passive 15 minutes


And if you think you're the only person who has junk food constantly in their face, please!

Everyone does. 

Everyone has temptation.

I work from home for the first third of my day. Right next to our cabinet and fridge full of food.

I spend the second third of my day in a house with a toddler with finger foods.

I spend the third part of my day in a house with elementary-aged kids with kid snacks: chips, cookies, PIZZA, and now Halloween candy.

Everyone has to figure stuff out for themselves and stick with the plan. Even if their food isn't Pinterest-worthy.

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Need help with food and don't want to waste your day on Pinterest?


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I will only be teaching this class once more. 


Don't miss it!

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