I guess I am a teacher again...

This teaching job came out of nowhere,


and it came right after I declared I would never go back into the classroom again.


(I legit wrote a blog post about this very topic!)


It's true. I still will not go back to a classroom at a brick and mortar school,


but now I teach two online classes. (This is my favorite class I teach!)


Both fill me up.




This little girl draws a picture for me every time I see her.


And she is absolutely in love with my dog Jameson.



Uh, who wouldn't be!?


She is 7500 miles away from me.


And she is 12 hours in the future. Weird, right?


So cool.


I get to start my day teaching her, and she gets to end her day learning with me.


I love this job.


I love teaching.


I was just going about it in a way that wasn't filling me up for 7 years.


If you ever wanna learn more about teaching online to kids in China, dude, you're going to love it too.


You only need a college degree. You don't need a teaching certificate.


You can sign up here, and then email me. I created free training materials so I can help you ace your interview. <3


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<3 Jaclyn