I quit Beachbody...

I quit Beachbody Coaching.


Here's the long story short:


1. I wasn't making any money because I didn't want to build a team. I just wanted to help people. I started teaching online and make $1800 a month working 3 hours a day from home. No sales. No building a team. Just straight up helping people and getting paid for my work.


2. I just wanted to coach people and help them with their health. I had no interest in being a business coach for people. That's why I was terrible at building a team. I started my own coaching biz for women who want to become runners and lose weight.





Here's the long story looooooong.


Something I've learned in recent years is that if something no longer makes you happy,



you gotta work at it

or change it

or you're gonna sit there being miserable with your one single life on this planet.



Ok, there is more to the story.


I am not one of those people who is going to badmouth Beachbody.

I won't even badmouth network marketing.

I am forever grateful to both.


Beachbody, well, my coach Anna, gave me what I needed for 3 years. 




Since becoming a coach, I've lost and kept off 25 lbs.

Since becoming a coach, I've completed 3 marathons.  No. Legit. I ran 26.2  x 3 times. Like WTF.

Since becoming a coach, I gained employment with jobs that fill me up and I had the balls and self-worth to turn down jobs that don't value me.


No seriously, coaching helped me learn my value and turn down a job with a start-up that was going to pay me nothing.


Coaching helped me charge a price for private tutoring that I NEVER would have charged in the past.


Being a coach helped me see the value I provide this world.


Being a coach helped me gain control of my shit.


I became a Beachbody coach because I was really tired of letting myself down, not following through with things, and not being able to have control of food and exercise.


Since becoming a coach, I stopped with the diet mindset.

I stopped trying to be perfect.

I stopped crying and beating myself up when I wasn't perfect. 



Since becoming a coach, I've developed confidence I have never had.

I created friendships with women. Quality friends. People who get me. I was always too shy to talk to people.

I can walk into pretty much any situation and not worry people are talking about me.

I make friends with my Uber drivers, basically anyone I meet at a cocktail party, and every person at my doctor's office.

I am happy with myself and want to spread happiness and value to other peoples' lives.



I've helped people.

I've coached hundreds of women.

I've added value to strangers' lives.




I've helped hundreds of people get out there and run. 


I've taught people how to eat healthier options.




I've helped people get over their perfectionist mindsets.


I've helped other people do things that I never thought were even possible for me.


I can take on new projects that I've never done and feel confident that I can figure things out instead of sitting there with a face that looks like I am about to cry. 


I've done more risk taking in the last two years than I've done my whole life.

No, not 100% of those risks paid off. 

But you betta believe I've learned a sh*t ton and have gotten more confident with each mess up.


Since becoming a coach, I haven't had a panic attack.


I've healed my anxiety without the use of drugs.


(And this isn't a knock on medication. I've been on medication before!)



I healed my anxiety through the personal development I've done in the last 2 years as a BB coach.

I healed my anxiety by forcing myself to take risks and put myself out there.

I healed my anxiety by finding my purpose on this planet.


Since becoming a coach, I caught the entrepreneurial bug.

I view situations as a way to add value into other peoples lives.

When I see a problem, I think about what solutions could be created

instead of only complaining that there is a problem.



And I make money. 



I never thought money was something I could get because I was a teacher and I thought if I was helping people, I shouldn't worry about money because that would make me greedy. And this is the message a lot of schools try to tell their teachers, but since becoming a coach, I've realized that making money is NOT a bad thing. Money doesn't buy happiness, but it DOES open doors. And if I am going to live the life I want to live, make $30,000-$45,000 is not going to cut it.



I would never have had these life lessons without Beachbody.

I would never be where I am today without network marketing.



A lot of people have a crappy view of network marketing, but without my coach Anna letting me know that, yes, I actually could do this too, I would not be where I am today. I've had countless gym memberships and personal training sessions and read tons of blogs. And never once did it occur to me that I too could put value into the world and help people and make money doing it. It wasn't until Anna told me I could do it too that I believe in myself and freaking did it.



I would not have this confidence. I would have stayed in jobs I hated. I would have never lost weight. I would still be struggling with my body image issues. I would still have anxiety. I would still be blah.



So I have no hard feelings towards Beachbody or Network Marketing.


And Anna, well, I basically owe all my future money to that lady. She is actually now a life coach in addition to her Beachbody business, and I think you should check her out.



But I did do it.


 I did quit Beachbody coaching.



So what does all this mean? 



I am not going to be selling Shakeology anymore or running 21 day accountability groups like I have been doing the past 25 months.



I needed a more creative outlet, something more challenging, something more in line with my beliefs of how we learn, grow, and actually make long-lasting change in our lives.



I kinda hated working with people for only 21 days because change has to be lifelong and not something we do for a short period in order to actually change our lives.


I kinda hated creating amazing content for free and it not being taken seriously because it was free and who ever takes free seriously? No one. People don't take free seriously ever. When something is free, we discard it because we see no price tag value on it.



And I want to work with women who are SERIOUS about making lifelong changes.

I want to take on clients for extended periods of time.

I want to help people who are sick and tired of being sick and tired.



And these things didn't fit well into the 21 day groups I was leading with only the purchase of Shakeology.




So I could keep whining about things not working how I want them to work, or I could change.



I am a problem-solver. Well, now I am! It's not an innate talent. (I used to be a complainer and problem creator!!) Being a problem-solver is something I have been working on the last few years because I got sick of all the complaining that was happening in my life. I like creating solutions. I like creating educational material to help people solve their own problems. 



If I give you a meal plan, you eat for a week. If I teach you how to meal plan and accept imperfection and just work on being the tortoise and not the hare and figure out what your problems are and teach you how to go about solving them, you eat for life.




That's what I want to help people do. That's what I am passionate about.



So now what?


I am basically starting all over. Figuring out who I am, who I want to work with, and how best I can serve them.


I enrolled in an eCourse with an AMAZING business coach, and I am investing a LOT of time and MONEY because I want to see actual change in myself, my business, and how I help my clients.


I don't know exactly what will happen in the next 4 months, but I know it will be big.


Because I am deciding it will be big.


Because after 2 years of playing it small, I am ready for big. I am learning lots and putting together a business that actually helps people make real life changes in their lives. Like long-term changes. Not sh*t for 21 days.


And I am excited.


More on what the heck I am doing next sooooon.


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xoxo Jaclyn