Eating Healthy STEP by STEP

People usually say that eating healthy is:


1. Hard.


2. Time-consuming.


3. Boring because you have to eat the same thing over and over again.


hey girl hey


I get it!


Been there!


Totally how I felt when I first tried to change my habits to lose weight.

I felt like I couldn't eat anything.

That everything I wanted to eat, someone would tell me it was bad.


Carbs were bad. Or were carbs good?

Protein was good. Or is meat actually bad?

Eat yogurt. No, don't eat yogurt.


It can be really confusing when there are so many different messages being thrown at you.


And then to try to prep a meal or prep 5 meals for a single day?

(Breakfast, lunch, dinner, snack, dessert!)


Ha! Like seriously. What the frick am I supposed to eat? 


Ok so 3 years since I first started trying to lose weight and get healthy, I am at a point where I am not stressing about my weight. So I think this system worked pretty well. 

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I am comfortable with my weight.

For the first time in my life.

And I am not in a size 2 jeans.

I am at a healthy weight.

I could lose a few lbs if I wanted, but I am happy, healthy, and strong right where I am.


This doesn't mean I eat all the donuts in sight.


This doesn't mean I eat all the pizza in sight.



I think sometimes we think that once we lose the weight, we can eat all the pizza and donuts in the world.


Or maybe that was just me?


In my 20s, I thought that I would one day finally get to being skinny and then could go back to eating alllll of everything. I would be a skinny person that ate crap, but I learned that those are the habits that caused me to gain weight and feel like crap.


I still eat really good for me foods, not because I am trying to be skinny and lose more weight, but because i want to maintain what I have done, I want to fuel my body, I want to feel energized and not tired, and I want to live a long and happy life.


And eating all the pizza and all the donuts will not help me feel energized and healthy.


But yes, I have donuts and pizza once in a while. It took some trial and error to figure this out. 



But for the other 90% of the time, I am not eating donuts and pizza.


And I am not stressing. Not anymore at least! I was in the beginning.


But now? No! 


No, seriously I DON'T stress about food.

Like I don't count calories, I don't count Weight Watches points, I don't count macros, I don't cut out carbs, I don't cut out anything.


i don't stress.

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I follow a system I created over the last 3 years through LOTS of trial and error


to make meal prep not hard, not time-consuming, and not boring.


If you have ever felt confused, blah, stressed, bored, or obsessive about food, you should try my step by step system!


No, I didn't create a diet.


I don't think cutting out a food group for a short period of time will help you in the long run.

Our society is obsessed with quick fixes, but quick fixes make everything worse. They don't fix. 





Give up bread for 30 days, and on day 31, you will probably eat allll the bread and by day 42, you will probably have gained all the weight back.


My system teaches you how to eat really good for you food that doesn't look like food for birds or food for rabbits.


Like I don't eat iceberg lettuce and celery.


OMG. I hate when people say that celery has negative calories. FRICK IT. Our bodies NEED calories for energy. Gimme foods with really good for me calories!


My system helps ya make healthy eating EASY, quick, TASTY, and versatile


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Download your free sample here!


And if you're like, yes, please teach me simple systems for ALLLL the meals of the day including the pizza and nacho meals, add yourself to my free food learning community. 

Learn With Jaclyn

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