How I Made an Extra $2000 Working From My Kitchen Counter

There are a LOT of ways to make money working from home on the internet.

A LOT of them involve sales. (I know! I used to do one/still do one!)

And NOTHIN' wrong with sales. 

But this job is not that.

This one is straight up teachin'.


A lot of teachers tutor in their spare time to make extra money.


Years ago, when I wanted to leave my job as a teacher in public schools, I tried to start a tutoring business. I had been working for a tutoring company on the side, and I *hated* everything about it.

I made $15 an hour to tutor up to 5 students at a time.

All working on different workbooks.


No, like I seriously might have had a 4 year old working on letters and numbers next to two third graders working on grammar next to an eighth grader working on math I hadn't done in years next to a 3 year old who definitely shouldn't be there because they can't even fit their body onto the chair.

When I taught in a kindergarten classroom, having 5 students at a table at a time was no big deal. Even if they were all at different levels, the levels were pretty close together and I was also in control of what was being taught.


But in the tutoring center, it was a MESS.


The students were NOT getting what they needed and I was not being a very good teacher dividing up my time between 5 students on WAY different levels.


And... I had to drive 20 minutes to get to work.

To make.

$15 an hour.

And be stressed out the whole time.

For $45 total.

Minus gas money.

Minus tax.

It was a sh*tty part-time job. It did not help me make money for life.


So I decided I would go rogue and start tutoring on my own. I got together curriculum for math, reading, and writing. And I started posting ads in my neighborhood in parks, at restaurants, and on community bulletin boards. I told everyone I knew who had a kid in hopes they would share with their friends with kids. I posted in every community and parents Facebook Group I was in. And I had... 0 students. Building a business takes a LOT of time. Finding customers takes time. I wasn't patient enough. I gave up.


When I found out about tutoring online, I was a little apprehensive thinking back to my previous experience.


When I found out it was teaching English, I was a little apprehensive because I had 0 experience doing it.


And then when I realized, yeah, I actually really need this money. I gave it a shot.



The interview process takes 2-3 mock classes, but don't worry! I have videos explaining each step.

You have to teach an adult pretending to be a kid which can be weird, but really, everything is scripted so it is WAY easier than teaching in a real classroom. The lesson plans are already created. You just teach. 

Here are some sample lessons:

Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 9.51.17 AM.png
Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 9.51.46 AM.png


If you have a sig other, PRACTICE WITH THEM. If you have a child, PRACTICE WITH THEM! Make it as real as you can so you feel prepared on interview day.


I made Paul pretend to be my student with Photobooth, and I practiced my lessons step by step.


Your hourly pay is dependent on your experience + how you do in your interview.

Pay is $18-$22 if you teach at least 45 classes in a month.



Ok, so how have I made $2000.


First, I made it over the course of 4 months. July, August, September, and October. My July and August were kinda pathetic, but it is what it is. My September, October, November, and December are going to be my real money makers. Watch for an upcoming blog post.


And second, I should tell you... what I've made is on the LOW end. (I know, right?) A LOT of teachers make $2000 in one month. Some make $3500 in one month. Some even more. Those teachers work waaaay more hours than me!


Third, I made $2000 by working only 1-3 hours a day. When we do something small every day, it adds up. This is a part-time gig for me and not something I want to do for life. A lot of teachers use this as their main source of income. It's pretty cool they can do this from home. I would guess about 50% of teachers are stay at home moms with kids who want to make money while home. And I would guess the other 50% are people with full-time jobs who teach for an hour or 2 before heading to their brick and mortar school or office.


Fourth, this job takes time. You aren't guaranteed hours. It's more like having your own mini business where you have to attract clients. You open slots and parents book with you. The better you do, the better parents will review you and the more other parents will want to book with you. The company has a sales team that takes the time to find the parents/children/customers, so our job is just to teach. 


Fifth, the hours are in the morning or late at night. You are teaching kids in China. So when it is 6am here in Atlanta, it is 6pm in China. Obviously, this changes from state to state based on time zones. One of my teacher friends is in Seattle so she works at 5am. These hours are how I am actually able to do this job before my full-time work. I teach from 6am-9:30am before heading into work. I couldn't work 1-3 hours a day if I had to drive 15 minutes to some place. This really only works because I can do it from my kitchen counter.


I started at the end of July. I didn't make much because I hadn't booked many classes. 


And I kinda messed up with some cancellations. Live and learn.


In August, I did a little bit better. More opportunities to open classes. More classes booked. More positive reviews from parents.


Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 12.12.10 AM.png


Ok, so $158 over the course of 2 months? Nothing to write home about.


In September, I got more serious. I opened up more slots and kept it very consistent.


Even with marathon training. Even with a million part-time jobs. 


I opened slots to make that money.


Yes, I made $921 from my kitchen counter.


After that huge month in September, I decided I needed to up my goal for October. But my trip to Chicago and my trip to Savannah prevented me from working as many hours as I wanted. (I actually DID teach during both of those trips. Just from someone else's kitchen counter- how cool!)


So October.... $984! So close to $1000.


But not too bad making $984 from my kitchen counter for only 1-3 hours a day. I tried to hit my goal on that final Friday by opening evening classes. Super close! Next month I will hit it!


Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 12.17.34 AM.png


So $16 + $158 + $921 + $984= $2079! From my kitchen counter. YOU GUYS!


Here's what my schedule looks like for next week so far.


Parents will be booking tonight!


Screen Shot 2017-11-05 at 10.01.56 AM.png



My goal is to tech for 1.5 hours a day. No matter what.


Here's why: $30 a day doesn't seem like a big deal, amiright?


But $30 every single day for the month of November comes out to


$30 x 30 days = $900.


I have a LOT going on in other areas of my life, so I feel like 1.5 hours a day is doable. My goal is to make $1000. So I will have to teach an extra 10 classes somewhere in the month.


More on how my November goal goes soon...


I absolutely love teaching for this company and the company is GROWING and growing fast with more students. Think about it: if all the children in China signed up for have tutoring, that's a heck of a lot of students. They need a heck of a lot of teachers!


I started working as a recruiter for the company! Now I train and mentor new teacher recruits.


If you are interested in teaching online, apply here with my referral code, and I will provide you with videos I created and will mentor you along the way.


Apply to teach!


If it asks for a referral code: 03FJQO

And you can always email me at if you have questions!

Happy teaching!