(Amazing) principal: You’re leaving teaching? What are you going to do next?

Me: I have no idea. No clue at all! All I know is I wanna ride the train downtown and work in a high rise with a beautiful view.

That’s exactly the job I got.

Like not right away. Not right away at all. I fumbled through several phone interviews, messed up an in person interview, and subbed for a few weeks before I landed that job.

But I did it.

I worked in downtown Chicago. I took the Blue Line to work. And I had an amazing view of the city.

That’s called visualization, ladies and gentlemen!

And I’ve been doing some more of it.

Now that I am a coach doing my biz, I’ve been zoning in on who it is I want to work with.

And I don’t want to help women lose weight.


Like, I’m not against it, but I’ve learned in the last 2 years as a coach that purely focusing on the scale moving is one of the best ways to drive yourself insane and not see success. I’ve always had my clients look for things happening besides the scale.

Who I want to work and what I wanna help them do...

My dream client is someone in their 20s, 30s, or 40s who has struggled with confidence and body image her whole life.

She is a runner.


Maybe a newbie runner or maybe she was a runner in the past but hasn’t done it in a while. Or maybe she is like my old self and has wanted to run a race for like 7 years, but can’t seem to make a habit out of running. She always gives up because life happens, because it seems too hard, because it seems like it’s easy for other people but not her.

But she wants to be a runner.

And she wants to be a runner for the enjoyment of running and not to hurt and punish her body.

She wants to be a runner to accomplish something she’s never done before. She wants to take something she’s really bad at and make it something she’s really good at. She’s kinda tired of playing the victim of life. She’s realizing she only has own finite life on this planet. She wants more out of it than the sob story she’s being living.


She is ready to be the hero of her story.


She wants to learn to move her body because she loves her body. She wants to learn to eat good for ya foods because she loves her body and is sick of hating on her body with crash dieting. She’s tried Whole30, Weight Watchers, calorie counting, cutting out carbs, and omg, the diet works for like 6 days and then it stop workings when someone brings donuts to work.

Because donuts. ❤️🍩 🤷🏻‍♀️

She’s so sick of the emotional eating, binge eating, and mindless eating that sabotages all of her hard work. When she turns to food, she loses momentum with moving her body. She feels like crap. She knows she self-sabotages, but she can’t seem to cut the habits and see the success she wants.

She’s spent years criticizing herself in the mirror.


She’s called herself ugly, fat, stupid, and lazy.


She only wears black clothes. She doesn’t have trendy clothes because she doesn’t feel like she is pretty enough or skinny enough to wear them. She struggles being around people because she’s worried they are looking at her and thinking she is ugly, fat, stupid, and lazy.

(Ps. She isn’t...)

She’s tired of being a mean girl to herself. She’s tired of saying really mean things to herself in the mirror. She’s an adult and she’s being a bully to herself and she’s soooo tired of it.

She is ready for change.

She wants to learn to love her body as it is AND keep working on it. She wants to lose weight as a byproduct of doing good habits, but being skinny and seeing the scale move a few lbs is not the main goal.

She wants to call herself strong.

She wants to own it.

She wants to call herself a runner.

She wants to own it.

She wants to do something she's never been able to do before.



She’s really tired of wasting her 20s,30s, or 40s trying to be skinny. She’s starting to hate the word skinny, and she hates how companies use the word to shame women into buying their products.


She wants to feel empowered to make change instead of shaming herself into fixing something wrong with her.


She wants to do things she only imagined were possible for her in some magic future time or another lifetime, but now she is SERIOUS about actually accomplishing those things.

Like running her first race, loving her body and life, & living the life she actually wants to live.

And yes, maybe fitting into a smaller pant size.


She also wants to learn to love her strong AF legs. Omg, those legs are so strong, and she wants to remind herself of that.


She wants to stop obsess about the imperfections in her body and start owning how freaking strong and amazing her body is.

And she is committed. She doesn’t have to be perfect. She doesn’t have to eat 1000 calories a day of kale and quinoa. It’s okay if she messes up.


But she is serious about changing her life.


She doesn’t want change for only 21 days or only for the summer or only for a wedding. She wants to change her life because she is kinda sick and tired of wasting days, weeks, months, and years.

She is actually going to show up for herself and continue to do the work.

Like she’s not going MIA after 6 days of work. She’s committed.

And she’s ready to invest in her change.

She’s tired of playing it small with $30 gym memberships she doesn’t actually use. She picked a gym that was only $30 because what’s $30 if you don’t go? Not much.

But now she is serious and she’s ready to invest in herself.

She’s ready to see transformational change in her life.


And I’m ready to help her because she is me from a few years ago.

I’m ready to invest my time, energy, and tough love, emphasis on the love and belief.

I’m ready to coach her to herself as the hero of her story.

I’m ready to help her actually stick to fueling her body. I'm ready to help her end the self-sabotage. I’m ready to help her feel comfortable in her skin. I’m ready to help her actually stick to a training plan and PR her next race AND ENJOY THE ENTIRE JOURNEY. I’m ready to help her change her life. And not for 21 days or 30 days or for a 10 week training plan, but like life. Life.

Maybe you’re my dream client.

Or maybe you know her.

And if that’s the case, please share this blog post with her.

I’m putting this visualization of my dream client out there because I know she is there and needs to read this post and she needs someone to tell her she actually can change her life.

She can.

She can message me.