10 Tips for Losing Weight in 2018

Runner friends... I want you to do a marathon this year.


With the way you approach food.


If you've been trying to lose weight for the past decade and it's just not working, I want you to look at how you view eating healthy.


Is it a sprint? Something you do really fast for a short period of time? 


Or is it a marathon? Something you train for all year, you delay gratification constantly, and you actually change your lifestyle to accommodate this?


When I look at how I used to view food and losing weight and getting healthy, I realize now that all the fad diets I did were short-term, they told me to cut calories anyway I can, that low-fat dressing was better than full fat, and that calorie deficit any way possible was what I needed to achieve... not looking at the quality of foods...

I've learned a LOT in the last 3 years.


Here are 10 tips for losing weight in 2018:


1. Really learn about the food you are eating. FREALS. Learn about the food. Not just learn about the keto diet and what you are allowed to have on it and not just learn about a vegan diet and what you are allowed to have on it. Learn about foods. What eating eggs do for your body? How do you FEEL after eating eggs? What does drinking protein powder do for your body? How do you feel? If you're telling yourself you're on a diet, that means you can fall off of the diet. If you're telling yourself you are learning about food and what certain foods do for your body, you're doing self-exploration. You're learning more about yourself and your particular body. You getting to know yourself better and what works for your body.


2. Stop seeing calories as things you need to cut, cut, cut. 
Calories are units of energy. No, seriously. That's actually the definition of a calorie. Our bodies need energy... When we restrict ourselves to only 900 calories, that's not a lot of energy going into our body. AND that sets ourselves up for long-term failure. This is a marathon, not a sprint. Training yourself to only eat 900 calories is going to cause more harm to your self-esteem (you will quit after a few days or weeks and feel like a failure for quitting) and in the long run, it is going to make you afraid of food. (This is what I had to get over all of last year!)


3. Move your body every single day in 2018. Make a commitment to moving your body because you love it and not because you hate it. Move your body because you are thankful for having legs that work. You are thankful for having arms that work. Move your body because it is so freaking amazing. Do a hard workout 3-5 days a week and foam roll, do yoga, or take the dog for a walk on the off days. Move your body. No excuses.


4. Stop demonizing certain food groups. (Are carbs bad this year? Or is it fat this time? I can never remember.) Experiment and see how you feel after eating foods. What works for one body is poison for another. But when we take the time to see the effects, we learn a lot about ourselves. And we can do good things for ourselves.


5. Stop saying you're going on a diet on the first of the year/month/week. Just start eating better foods today. Tonight. Your next meal. The next time you go to the grocery store.


6. Listen to the way you are talking to yourself. Are you saying shitty things about being fat, lazy, unmotivated, this is too hard, you always mess up, you're a sucky person, etc? Then this shit will continue being hard. Stop saying mean shit to yourself. You're a beginner, and that's okay. We are all beginners learning this stuff.


7. Start filling up on the really good for you foods. Ones that don't come in a package with 20 items on the ingredient list. If it has an ingredient list, try to read the ingredients. Can you read them? Yes? No? Is it really food you're putting in your body?


8. Start using food as your medicine. No, not to treat a bad day at work or a fight with your sig other. But seriously, if shit ain't healthy with your body, look at the QUALITY of food you are eating. Lean Pockets may be under 300 calories, but they're not helping your overall health.



9. Start seeing how cheap it is to eat healthy WHEN YOU ASSEMBLE IT YOURSELF. Yes, a salad at McDonalds is more expensive than a cheeseburger. But a meal made with plants in your kitchen is even cheaper than the one at McDonalds... ps. It costs gas money to drive to McDonalds... And it costs $$$$$ money to go to the doctor because of poor nutrition, the shit we put in our bodies... so that dollar menu at McDonalds.. it's actually very expensive.


10. Be kind to yourself. No one goes from a shitty diet to a stellar diet in 3 days. There are missteps. There are Christmas cookies. It's a learning process... it's a journey... We learn more each day about what foods work for our bodies and what foods don't.


But when we make the commitment to the marathon and not the sprint, the weight comes off... AND STAYS OFF.