Regina George is a Mean Girl


I got a text saying I looked great in my dress this past weekend.


“Oh yeah? Good thing I spent $40 on Spanx. They fix bellies full of pie and my thunder thighs."



That’s the thought that went through my head.




Divert, divert, divert.

No, I'm not worthy of a compliment. Get it away from me.




Sometimes we feel like no, we couldn't just accept a nice thing just as it was said because what if the person thinks we are conceited if we just plain say thank you to the compliment.




As if the person talking to us was Regina George, herself.






But I don’t think that’s what goes through most women’s heads when they're giving you a compliment.



I think they really are trying to say something nice.

They noticed something about you and wanted to say something nice. And we are allowed to say thank you without worrying the thank you means we suck.


(And if you DO have mean girl friends that have hidden meanings in their sentences, then you need to get rid of them because this ain’t high school anymore and your peeps should build you up and not be secretly tearing you down.)


So instead of calling out the imperfections of my body, I said thank you.


The truth is I did wear Spanx. (Who doesn't?)


My body does have imperfections. (Whose doesn't?)


I am not 100% confident all the time. I have to catch myself and remind myself. (Getting better every month.)



When I hear that Regina George mean girl voice in my head and start to listen to her, I pause and remember, nope, she is a character in a movie aka she fake and plastic and then I tell her to stfu.


My body has changed a TON in the last 3 years, but it is still imperfect and will always be.



My confidence has grown a TON in the last 3 years, but it is still imperfect, but I have the tools to continue to improve it.





We are all works in progress.