March Madness Gets Us Moving!

On track to win it!

Some truths:

1. I made this bracket for my accountability group to be a competition with ourselves and not each other. Because... yeah, that's how it goes. We lift each other up! Women don't have to be in competition with other women to succeed.

2. One of my favorite things about teaching was actually making things. I didn't like the whole being on stage thing, but I liked developing things for kids to use. I was never TPT committed, but now I can use that skill and passion with my coaching groups.

3. It took me 20 tries to get this photo. So embarrassing. My arm kept looking like a skeleton arm. I'm afraid my muscles shrank over night!!! I haven't eaten the 9 potatoes I usually eat, and my puffiness is dropping fast. I still don't think carbs are the enemy though. Carbs give you energy.

4. I gave two really silly live pep talks to my March Madness group and my Fit Club Exercise Streak Group. I'd like to become a better coach and give more live pep talks like sports coaches. And then end them with a peppy all hands in cheer.

5. I'm not a real basketball coach; I just play one on FB live.

How's your bracket so far??? 🏀


If you need to get moving this spring, we need to talk!!

Imagine feeling comfortable in your skin.

Imagine feeling at peace with your body.

Imagine feeling at peace with the scale.

What if you felt that way for LIFE? Not for 3 weeks, not for 8 weeks, but for life. What if you developed positive habits for life?

I want to help you get moving. I want to help you have fun, feel at peace, and enjoy making exercise a part of your life. I want to help you stop dieting, stop hating on yourself, and stop obsessing over the scale.

I want to help you help yourself.

My April "Get Your Body Moving Bootcamp" will focus on exercising because we love our bodies and not because we hate them. There is seriously not a thing wrong with your body just as it is, and exercising can and should actually make you feel better!

We will focus on the energy exercise gives us. The physical and mental strength we develop. The habit and routine, how it actually feels weird if we don't move our bodies all day. We will not touch the scale all month. Seriously. We will focus on loving our bodies and appreciating the things they do for us and not hating on ourselves for things out of our control.

If you are motivated and want to accomplish something this spring but just need the extra push, I want to work with you. You are the average of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Surround yourself with people working on similar goals and magical things happen.

Apply here and I will be in touch soon: