I Don't Hate Myself Anymore...

I have this weird crinkly part on the side of my nose that gets super crinkly when I'm really excited and smiling big

Paul loves it, and I've always hated it because it looks weird AF, and Paul loves it bc when he sees it, he knows I'm super excited about something to be smiling that big.
We are wrapping up our March accountability group, and at the end of each month, we always take time to reflect on our successes, what we are proud of, surprised by, and what we still want to work on for the next month.

So I am reflecting too. And for the first time in my life, I don't hate myself. I don't have body parts that I hate. I might even love my crinkly nose. I might even love my big, strong thighs. I might even love that mole on my left arm because it's in every photo when I flex and see my baby muscles that are growing and growing.

I don't hate myself anymore.

I actually love myself and not despite my imperfections but WITH my imperfections and sometimes even because of my imperfections.

So that's kinda huge. This has been a huge month for me. The last 90 days have been ridiculous. I have never started a year out as strong as I did with 2017. I am so thankful for the women in my life that have helped me get to where I am. I am so thankful to have women supporting me and to be supporting other women.

Sometimes people don't wanna pay the money to work with me as a coach, or work with a community of women because it can be kinda scary to admit our mistakes, imperfections, and vulnerabilities. Or sometimes they say it's too much money, it's not worth it, they're not worth it, their money is tied up to other things, etc.

I get it. I was skeptical too, and it really wasn't until this February that I became a full believer.

I don't charge a coaching fee to work with me. I make commissions off of sales with Beachbody and then coaching is complimentary. I pair people up with Beachbody programs and of course Shakeology. People say nah, I don't want to spend $4 a day on Shakeo, and I'm like ahhhh would you spend $4 on a beer, a wine, or a coffee??? I spend $4 a day and I get a superfood brownie that has helped me get over my dessert addiction and guilt. My $4 a day connects with me with the most amazing women and coaches I could ever imagine. My $4 a day gets me an at home workout program with a trainer telling me exactly what to do and telling me not to give up on myself and telling me that I look so strong and am becoming a better person for putting in the time and work.

I was skeptical and a non-believer for a long time. But to get where I am right now, the confidence and beauty I feel, I would pay anything. The value I have from the nutrition, the programs, and the PEOPLE is worth every single penny I've spent and more.

I love my crinkly nose.
I love my big, strong thighs.
I love my mole.


If you are ready to stop hating on yourself, remember that you are the sum of the 5 people you spend the most time with. Find people who love themselves and spend time with them!!! Find me and let me know your goals for April here: