Routines, habits, and an EASY no-cook lunch platter

Have you ever set a goal for yourself and then attacked it... and then life happened and you fell short and stopped working on the goal altogether? Yeah! Me. All the time. I think it comes from starting too many things all at once and not learning how to be strategic with your schedule. I have to plan things or they don't get done. I have to set up routines or things don't get done!

So blogging took a back seat for a while, but I want to make it a habit because we are the habits we do. Blogging gives me an outlet and helps me think about the things happening in my life. I am going back to blogging at least once a week, and I am NOT making myself feel bad that I didn't have a perfect year of 52 blog posts. How lame to make myself feel bad for not being perfect. I want to feel GOOD about myself. So when I mess up, WHATEVER. We are the habits we do so I am going to make it a habit to show myself compassion because I want to be a compassionate person. 

But...  I also want to stop making excuses. I want to get habits and routines in my life so that I can feel success.

Lately I just can't seem to wake up on time and stay focused on what I am doing. That's because I am not treating things like a business. When you have a boss above you telling you what to do, it's easy to get things done. When you are your own boss and you have to tell yourself what to do, it is hard but only because it is different. It's different being the one in charge of yourself when you have always had other people telling you what to do. First you had your parents, then your teachers, then advisors, RA's, principals, managers, CEO's, etc. Right now, I am my own boss in all aspects of life. I have to tell myself what and when to eat. I have to tell myself what and when to workout. I have to tell myself what and when to do work for my coaching business. It is really scary, and REALLY FREAKING COOL. The cool part is I get to work wherever I want to. I get to eat while I am working. I get to chill with my dog. I get to take breaks when I want to. If I feel like shit in the morning, I can do my work at night. If I miss something, I can carry it over to the next day. I am putting routines and systems into place, and if I mess up, I grant myself grace and continue on. Each Monday... and sometimes mid-week, I set goals for myself based on how I am doing, and I check-in and adjust. Pretty cool.

When I look back 3 years ago, making easy meals was not a routine in place. I was scrambling to find recipes and when I didn't I made Tombstone pizzas. I have more time on my hands, but I want to keep eating simple because when things are simple, I stick to them.

AND all the people I work with live busy lives and do not have time to spend 90 minutes making a meal. That's perfect because I can't see spending 90 minutes making a meal, even if I am working from home!


I made this easy peasy lunch earlier this week, and I have been remaking it in different varieties all week. It's ah-mazing.

See?! Super easy and versatile. 



Red Container/Protein:

-4 oz can of tuna (I check ingredients and look for tuna without soy when possible. I like the tuna from Trader Joe's!)


Blue Container/Healthy Fat:

-hummus, any variety will do! I used Siracha hummus one day and Baba Ganoush another.


Green Container/Vegetables:

-baby carrots



Purple Container/Fruit:



Yellow Container/Carbs:


-5 baby pitas from Trader Joe's



-salt, pepper, diced red onions, giardiniera


Directions: Scrub and rinse the potato, then slice an X into the potato. Microwave for 3 minutes. Open and drain the tuna. Pour into a bowl and add 1 blue container/1/4 cup of hummus. Mix in red onion, giardiniera, salt, and pepper or your favorite tuna add ins. Slice up celery. Slice up apple into circle slices instead of wedges. It's just fun. Go with it. You get more slices this way and the apple becomes a chip for the tuna salad. Arrange all of the tune, 10 baby carrots, celery, apple slices, 5 baby pitas, and 1 baked potato on a plate. Eat and enjoy!! Counts as 1 red, 1, blue, 2 greens, 1 red, 2 yellows. (If you're not doing Body Beast, go easy on the yellows. You could have half of a potato and 2 pitas instead. If you are doing Body Beast, bulk up!)


How are you doing with habits and routines? Need a boost of motivation to get moving? Join me on March 8, 2017 where I will FINALLY be running my 1000th mile. (Yeah, that was another goal I had for 2016 that I failed. But guess what? I didn't make myself feel bad about it. I had too many things happening at that time, and I didn't make running a priority. Now I AM making it a priority.)


Here's the deets:

1. Fill out this form so I know I have 100 people. Eek, I am nowhere close to 100! Sign Up Here!

2. Share with your friends so they can get moving and I can get to 100+ people.

3. Run or walk 1 mile on March 8th.

4. Take a selfie and post on Instagram with #runwithjaclyn or tag me in a post on Facebook with @jaclynricchio.

5. FEEL GOOD FOR STARTING SOMETHING FOR YOU. Can you make it into a habit in your life?