What Happens When You Eat 9 Potatoes a Day

There's something I've been hiding... Ok, not really hiding. Just wearing clothes. And I wanna say right upfront, I am NOT pregnant. We are not trying to get pregnant. We are actually not going to have children, but that's for a different blog.

Soooo Body Beast. 30 minute workouts every single day. You can't really do them at home. You need to do at a gym because you need a variety of weights. 

My arms look great from Body Beast. I went from curling 5lb weights to curling 20lb weights.

My legs look great from Body Beast. I went from having to stop workout because I thought I was going to die to completing the full workout with proper form and increasing weights.


I don't have a lot of photos of my legs. Up until recently, I only worked out in pants or yoga capris, so I don't really have a before photo of my legs. Things I've learned. 

But here's what I've been hiding...intentionally or not. It's uncomfortable at times...

I mentioned it on my Jaclyn Eats show, and you could kinda see my belly bulging in my white t-shirt for soccer...

My belly is still full of potatoes from Body Beast.

And oh my, those 9 potatoes a day were amazing, and I have zero regrets about doing this program. 

Here is a before and after, and no, they aren't and shouldn't be switched around.

Same girl. Same tattoo. Same shorts. Same bra. Same glasses. Same belly.

But ooooh sooooo different.


When I told my dad that Paul and I were going to do Body Beast, and I got to eat 2200 calories, he was like, "WHY WOULD YOU DO THAT? You just lost all this weight, why would you sabotage yourself?" And not in a mean way at all, but in a "I care about you and worry about you and just want the best for you.. and... Jaclyn, you do crazy science experiments on yourself. Why would you do this" kind of way. Yeah, this all is pretty crazy. And yeah, it doesn't make sense why I would purposely gain weight after I had just lost it.

And here's the thing- I was nervous. I kept reading how Body Beast was not for weight loss, how I would be gaining weight, and how I would be eating a million carbs and a million calories, but I still wanted to do it.

I wanted to do it to challenge myself.

I wanted to do it to take on my fears.

My fear of gaining weight, my fear of carbs, my fear of Sagi, and my fear of losing control.

I have never felt stronger, more confident, and more beautiful than I do right now. When I look at that tan photo on the left, I do think that Jaclyn is pretty, but I know that Jaclyn was struggling so much with her mental game that I would rather be the Jaclyn on the right than the Jaclyn on the left. 

I feel in control of my life. I know how to eat for my body. I know how to get stronger. I know how to do something that scares me. I know how to do something made for dudes and not women. I know how to laugh at Sagi instead of take things personally and cry. I know how to be confident without being skinny. I know how to work on strength- adding something to my life instead of losing, cutting calories, and always trying to be skinny.

I'm not afraid of carbs. I don't think my body needs 9 servings a day, but I don't think there is anything wrong with 4 servings. And when I start marathon training, holy heck, I will know to eat more carbs again. Last year I did NOT eat enough carbs for how much running I was doing.

Body Beast challenged me. And what challenges us, changes us.

I love me.

And here's something I've learned: I can love me and still want to keep improving. I can love me and still want to get stronger. I can love me and still want abs. I can love me, eat yummy foods for me, workout because I love me, and see changes in my body.

I don't really like having a belly. I don't look in the mirror and love that potato belly. But I still love all of me. (I am still trying to wrap my head around all of this.) And I don't regret eating all of those potatoes.

But I don't intend on keeping that belly. 

I do want to be lean again, and there is nothing wrong with wanting to change the way your body looks. I feel confident right now, and I know I can carry that confidence with me as I start my next program.

These 30 minute programs are legit. The real deal. The best thing I have ever come by. I am so thankful I got started. People think it's all about losing weight, or that it's all about drinking a protein shake, but F that, it's about so much more. I do these programs to challenge me. I coach women to help them challenge themselves. I do these programs to get over my fears. To change my entire life. To stop being afraid of food, the scale, other people, carbs, myself.

So you already know I am a little bit crazy. A lot of bit crazy.

I am about to tackle the hardest program for me... Insanity...

More on that in the next week.

Girl, stop being afraid of the scale. Stop being afraid of carbs. Stop eating foods you know aren't good fuel for your body. Stop drinking that yucky protein shake with fake ingredients. Stop binge eating and binge drinking because of life. Stop hating on yourself. Stop saying things are too hard for you or that things are not for you. Stop saying this is too much money for you. Time is money, and if you keep waiting, you will always be waiting. 

Start fueling your body. Start loving on yourself. Start loving yourself just as you are, and start improving yourself with baby habits each day. Start surrounding yourself with other amazing women. Start investing in yourself. Start investing in your life. 

Let's do this together. Let's move our bodies next month, and love every second of it.

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Today (Thursday) is the last day to sign up! Shoot me an email at jaclyn.ricchio@gmail.com if you're in. We start Monday, and we are prepping now!!