How To Weekend And Still Feel Amazing Come Monday

Do you have an all or nothing mindset?

Go balls to the wall on a diet for 21 days and then on day 22 order an XL pizza, donuts, milkshake and sprinkles because... sprinkles!?

Do you eat *perfectly* Monday morning through Friday afternoon, and then as soon as you leave work, hit up happy hour and eat all the chicken wings and drink all the beers and get all the drunk food crab rangoon?

And then Sunday night you vow to get back on the wagon and live perfect AF starting Monday... but then cycle repeats come Friday afternoon?

This is the old me... and honestly, it's the sometimes me still. Once I started learning about my body, learning about myself, and learning about my relationship with food, things changed. I stopped treating foods as on and off diets, but I started looking at it as a RELATIONSHIP that needs nurturing. But there are still times that I still struggle. It's usually when I've been super restrictive and trying to be perfect with food. On then weekends, I'd rebel.


Soooooo there's gotta be some way to balance this. Some way to eat really good for me foods but also learn to eat treat meals without going overboard. (Notice---> I said "treat" and not "cheat" meals. I hate the word cheat! Treat has a more positive connotation. I am not cheating on anything when I have a donut. Life would be sad without donuts!)

I've written about this before and told you how I have dessert every day with my evening brownie.


And I've told you how I have my treat single serving pizza every Friday with Pizza Friday! 

Screen Shot 2017-05-12 at 12.38.40 PM.png

So those are ways I have treat meals during the week... but what about the weekend? What about when you're in the house more? When friends want to go to a restaurant?  When you want to live a life not being on a diet?


Here are my top tips that I share with my Move Your Body-VIP Club:

1. Read your WHY. We start every month writing down our WHY. We stay away from perfection and specific weight loss numbers, and we think about how we want to feel at the end of the month and what we want to be able to do. Being strong, being happy, and feeling comfortable and confident are popular WHYs. 

We read our WHYs on Friday if not daily because as we go through the week, it is really easy to let the week run us! Reading our WHYs reminds us of what we are doing. It reminds us that what we do over the weekend DOES MATTER, but it also reminds us that we are NOT on a diet, we do NOT need to be perfect, we just need to be MINDFUL. So if you haven't written a WHY yet, start there and then read it!

2. Treat your Friday as you would any other day. Eat lots of vegetables. Drink lots of water. Move your body because you love it, not because you hate it, and because you know what you do every day changes your life. You don't need to track how many calories your workout burns and say it's okay to eat something because you burned a million calories. Workout because it's what you do. Go out because it's what you do.

3. Grill. Protein and veggies all the way. 


4. Allow a treat meal if you want one! On the Portion Fix meal plan, you can have a burger. You can have a glass of wine. You can have pizza. It's all about being mindful of what you're eating. There are no points to count, no calories. If you want a glass of wine, save a yellow container and have a freaking glass of wine. If you want a burger, use a red container and a yellow container and have a freaking burger.



5. Or eat half of whatever the restaurant serves you. Ask them to serve half on a plate and box up half right away. Have a giant salad with half of a burger. Have a plate of roasted vegetables with your pizza. It's possible. It's doable. I do this when I go to restaurants.

6. Eat slowly. Remember you are at a restaurant to have fun with friends and socialize and not to eat all the food in the world. (I have to remind this to myself.)

7. If you don't want booze, but you do want something besides water, get a soda water and lemon. Bring your own liquid stevia for a little sweetness. It tastes like Sprite!

8. Enjoy life. Enjoy people. Enjoy food. If you go 21 days or 30 days or 120 days without being with friends, without going to restaurants, without living life, are you going to be able to keep up with those habits? Are you going to know what to do when that period is done? Are you going to regret living in isolation? I experienced this when I tried to make Whole30 into Whole365. You can read about my failures and learnings here: End of Whole30

9. If you know being at home over the weekend makes it hard because the kitchen is always open, get out of the kitchen! Get out of the house! Go do something that doesn't involve food and booze! Take kids to the park. Take dog for a walk. Go hiking! Go to a museum. Go on a boat. Dust off the bikes. Explore a new neighborhood in your city. Find a cool thrift store. Join a soccer league. Go to a yoga class. Do something.

I love driving 60 minutes and going hiking. It is SO cool to explore the state you live in.

I love driving 60 minutes and going hiking. It is SO cool to explore the state you live in.

10. If you "mess up" don't give up. Having a bad day with food doesn't make you a bad person. It also doesn't mean you have to keep doing it. Just because you had a donut and milkshake doesn't mean you have to have all the donuts and milkshakes. Have some water. Go for a walk. Eat some greens. Move on.


What is the hardest part about the weekend for you? What tips do you have for the weekend?


I've been learning a lot about food and myself with my May Bootcamp. We are reading Women Food and God, and I find myself nodding, highlighting, and ugly crying. In a good way. I am finally getting to understand myself and my struggle with food. I am healing. It's amazing.

I am super stoked to be hosting a Food Freedom online workshop with my fellow Coach Anna Locke on Thursday 5/18. We’ll be sharing our own journeys, our takeaways from the book Women Food and God, and some simple mindset shifts and action steps that you can practice to move forward and feel free, happy, and nourished. 

The workshop will be recorded if you can’t make it live.