HEALTHY Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn

THIS IS THE BEST AFTER DINNER DESSERT EVER. You know my obsession with desserts, right? I went through a period where I punished myself and said I was never allowed to have desserts. And then I found a way to have HEALTHY desserts that help my body and aren't "cheats" and don't have sketch ingredients that harm my body.

Healthy Chocolate Peanut Butter Popcorn has become a fav in our apartment. 

Ingredients are simple. Prep is SIMPLE.


Microwave popcorn bags have some dangers in them... and unrecognizable ingredients. I just play it safe and heat my own using organic popcorn kernels. AND this way is CHEAPER and healthier. You know what you're actually eating. 

To make the popcorn:

1 tsp of coconut oil


3 tbsp popcorn kernels


Heat coconut oil in a pot on stovetop. Add popcorn kernels and a few sprinkles of salt. Cover with a lid. Heat until popping stops. Stay close so you don't burn the popcorn!


To make the healthy, yummy topping:

1 tbsp of coconut oil

1/2 scoop of vegan protein powder

2 tsp Trader Joe's peanut butter (I picked this one because it has no added sugar, I can read all of the ingredients in the ingredient list, and since oil is separate, it makes the peanut butter super easy to drizzle.)

Heat the coconut oil in the microwave for 15 seconds. Mix the Shakeology with the oil. It should be a liquid. Drizzle over the popcorn and then drizzle the peanut butter. Eat with a spoon!!

This has become a popular after dinner dessert in our house. (Sorry Jameson! You can't have any!)


Need help picking a protein powder? Find one with ingredients you can read! The ingredients we put in our bodies MATTER. I stick to foods I can read whenever possible. 


Need help? Message me!

xoxo Jaclyn