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Hey hi! Did you know I used to be a Beachbody coach? Yeah! I did it for 2.5 years, and it was cool to give me a taste of coaching women and also working online with peeps...


But I quit it last fall. I wasn't making any money. I undervalued myself as a coach, and so people undervalued me as a coach. I found myself making $40 a month being someone's coach 24/7. YUCK. Sometimes I coached for free because I felt bad if someone couldn't afford the price. When someone purchased a product from me, I was their coach... but sometimes it was really weird and got into a gray area if they didn't consume their product every day and the 30 day supply lasted them 60 days.... 90 days... It just was blah and weird and not fun and not fulfilling. I found myself putting a lot of my emotional energy into my groups but it not being matched because I was so bad about communicating the coaching and boundaries. I will take ownership of messing up my end of the coaching.

I learned a lot during this mess-up.

 I am worth way more than $40 a month. For the amount of time, energy, emotional energy, after hours help, etc, I am worth more than the $130 a month price people paid for Shakeology.

I know WTF I am doing and help people, but my years of working in public education where I was undervalued caused me to continuously undervalue my expertise. You can read more about that whole thing here: I quit Beachbody.


The breaking point for me quitting Beachbody and seeing my worth was when I started teaching online. I could make $40 in 2 hours of teaching online. I could make $130 in 2 days of teaching of teaching online.


 Like no prep before or after. No emotional energy. No random texts from people at 10pm. Just sign in. Teach. Sign out. Continue on with my day. Choose my hours. Choose my vacation days. Create the life I want to live. 


Teaching online helped me see my value. If I was worth $20 an hour to read from a script, then my real life expertise is worth way more than $20 an hour. 


Teaching online has opened my eyes to the possibilities in life. Like I can take this job anywhere I go. If we are in a small apartment in Atlanta or in an airbnb in Thailand. Teaching online has been a blessing.



I set a goal to teach 2000 classes this year. This will help me have an income while I work on my personal running coaching business.


Lemme break it down for you:

2000 classes x $10 a class = $20,000 minimum (This does not include the $2 bonuses for a class being booked within 24 hours, and this does not include the $5 bonus for a trial class deciding to sign up, and this does not include the $100 bonus for helping a teacher through the interview process. Yes, I am very open and honest about the LEGIT money potential and how honest and EASY the payment plan is. UGH. I hate how confusing and scammy a lot of online businesses pay their workers. That's another story.)


So to teach 2000 classes, we gotta break it down.


2000 classes / 12 months = 167 classes a month 


167 classes a month / 30 days a month = 5-6 classes a day


So that is my goal every single day is to teach 6 classes a day. I don't always get 6 classes a day. My schedule is determined by parents signing up for classes with me. Sometimes I have 4. Sometimes I have 6. 

Screen Shot 2018-01-27 at 10.22.12 AM.png

---> THIS IS NOT LIKE A REGULAR JOB WHERE YOU ARE GUARANTEED HOURS. You have to build up your clients. It takes time. And when the kids have exams or on vacation, there might be fewer classes.


SOOOO that's when weekend hours come in.

Because I like to work mornings, I generally take my weekend evenings off....

But because I am serious about my goal of 166 classes a month, I decided to open some weekend hours. And because I got booked within the 24 hour period on some of these classes, I got some extra bonuses. Winning.

So within this 48 period from Friday morning to Saturday evening, I made $218. To work 11 hours. Broken up. In my yoga pants. In my living room. Instead of watching Netflix.


$218 is a good chunk of change.


And because I love to talk about how the small things we do EVERY DAY matter more than the big things we do once in a while,


$218 a weekend x 52 weekends = $11,336.


An extra $11k for working on a Friday and Saturday FROM HOME. 






Only 10% of applicants are hired, and I've helped 10 people through the lengthy interview process. If you are interested in making extra money working from home the legit way, you can apply here and make me your mentor teacher:

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