imposter syndrome again

I’ve been struggling with the imposter syndrome and an upper limit problem. For the past week, I will suddenly start crying and scare the shit out of my husband.

It’s not depression. Or rather maybe it’s just not the same type of depression I’ve had before. 

And it’s not really anxiety. Or again, maybe it’s just not the same type of anxiety I’ve had before. Either way, it’s manageable right now and something I will continue to keep my eye on.

I’m not laying in bed unable to move like I’ve been in the past. This is more of a, wtf am I doing with my life. (A question my biz coach reminded me I need to reframe. It assumes I don’t know what I am doing.”


Imposter syndrome: who am I to be doing what I am doing

Upper limit problem: I do not deserve the success I am after.

This blog post is an open journal post that I am not marketing on any social media outlets, so if you read it, it’s my inner thoughts and struggles about my life right now. Being open and honest about my struggles helps me normalize things.

Thank you for joining me.

Affirmations about my worth as a coach:

My job is not to be perfect. I am open and honest that I am not a psychologist, not a therapist, not a registered dietician, not a nutritionist, not a personal trainer…I am a health coach. I am an educator. I have been teaching for 10 years, and I understand how to look at a problem and teach a solution.

My job is to be open about my struggles, share them, and give people the work I did so that I can help shorten their healing process. 

I cannot control other people but rather I can assist. I may not be their answer, and that’s okay. I may only be a stepping stone to their healing process. 

I am not a guru. I am not a diet book. What I did to heal is not the “right way” as it was person to me.. it’s Jaclyn’s way. 

My job is to share and not preach. 

My job is to ask questions and not micromanage.

I am not perfect, and I will never claim to be.

My job is to help people be okay with not being perfect either.

It’s okay to have an imperfect body, an imperfect day, an imperfect thought process, and an imperfect plate of food.

Perfection does not exist, and yet we are seeking it in so many places in life.

My job is to help people do their best, know it’s not perfect, and be okay with that.

Not being perfect does not mean we do shit work but rather we do amazing work and don’t kill ourselves over it.

Ok. Deep breaths. Moving forward.

Read the book The Big Leap.