Are you a member of the clean plate club???

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Scarcity thinking used to rule my life. "There isn't enough! I need to panic because there isn't enough! I need to do crazy things because one day this will run out!"

Scarcity thinking about food drives a lot of our actions, and we don't even realize it.

Have you ever been a member of the clean plate club? Like finished food on your plate past satisfaction just for the honor of being part of this club? (Yeah, a lot of us.) The clean plate club was an actual campaign during WW1 and WW2 teaching kids to finish their food because food scarcity was a real thing back then. Food really could have run out.

Nowadays, for most of us, not so much: Food is everywhere. (Candy dish 6 feet from me as I type this.)

BUUUUT we still have this residual food scarcity thinking from our grandparents reminding us to finish our plate... 

ANNNND if you have ever done a diet, clean eating challenge, or meal plan, you probably have food scarcity thinking. You might be worried about food because you fear there will be a day you're not allowed to eat your favorite food. So you overeat...

I did this every time I finished Whole30. I experienced what it was like to not get to eat my favorite foods while doing Whole30, so when I was done with Whole30, I overate (beyond comfort) all the foods that weren't present in my life. The only way I knew how to "eat healthy" was being on Whole30, so I overate, knowing that my favorite foods would be scarce/non-existent when starting Whole30 again.

Anywho, there is a different way. It's called Imperfect Eating, and it's this amazing place with food where you get to eat your favorite foods and learn to not make yourself feel sick when eating them. And also not ever feel guilty for eating something besides kale. Cool.