Eating on Vacation... do the same as you do at home... EEK

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People think I'm crazy when I tell them to eat the same way on vacation as they do at home...

But it's usually bc they're super restrictive + perfect w/ food at home, so they think I mean they should while on vacay...

I used to be on diets or clean eating meal plans while at home, go on vacation, feel overwhelmed by the abundance of food options, not know how to eat for my body, eat everything in sight because wtf is moderation, feel sick AF from the sheer amount of food and types my body wasn't used to digesting, body would feel physically in pain from overeating, I'd need to take frequent naps while on the trip thus MISS OUT ON FUN, feel out of control w/ food, keep eating bc well, I already f*cked up + when we get home, I am going to have to go on a diet to clear up all the mistakes I made with food while on this trip.

I was overeating bc I didn't know how to handle imperfect foods.

I didn't know how to have a little bit without it turning into a lotta bit.

I never practiced moderation bc I kept telling myself I had an all or nothing mindset. (You are what you say about yourself.)

I repeated this for every trip. It's crazy that many memories have to do w/ feeling sick from food.

Cruise in 2010. Couldn't stop eating gross french fries.

Mexico in 2012. Eat breakfast, get booze + lunch, lay at pool + nap, eat dinner, get room service. Told everyone I was doing Weight Watchers when I got home.

New York in 2013 for a conference. Met Lucy Calkins while sitting on a bench eating a gyro AND a kebab. Not my proudest moment.

Currently in Thailand. Eating for my body, enjoying the culture, soaking up every moment of the trip, + when I overeat, I don't call it a f*ck up. I call this #imperfecteating. It's how I eat at home; it's how I eat on trips. It's just how I eat always.

The scarcity mindset around food f*cks us up. Practice abundance. It seems counterintuitive, but is what you've been doing w/ food actually working for you? Is food perfection followed by food chaos really balance??? Or is it a pendulum swinging between two extremes? I would love to hear if this resonates w/ you. Send me an email and lemme know