How running can change your life

A little over 2 years ago, I was feeling really shitty about my life.

I had just quit my teaching job. The one I spent $$$ for. Student loans for undergrad. Student loans for grad school. $$$ on doctor bills because of all the stress, anxiety, and panic attacks I was having.

I found myself working at another job I wasn't exactly in love with. I made 80 calls a day trying to help people to do some technology troubleshooting stuff I didn't actually understand. 

My 31st birthday was around the corner, and it turns out, life was really not all that much better than my 30th birthday.

I was a quitter... once again. I had been quitting just about everything I attempted. 

I needed something different in life. I needed to use that PAIN of feeling stuck and feeling like a failure and quitter to help drive me to change. So I decided to shed that label and do something hella crazy, and hella committed

I decided to run 31 days straight for my 31st birthday.

It was hard... but also it wasn't hard. I had decided, committed, and made no negotiations with myself. I was going to do it no matter what. That's what happens when you decide. You cut away the other choices and do the work. 


I did it.


I ran 31 days in a row. Through the cold. On days I worked 11 hours. On days it was -17 outside.


I did it.


And on day 32, on New Year's Eve, I woke up and decided to keep going.
On New Year's Day, hungover from the party, I woke up, and went running.

And I just kept going.

I ran 100 miles. 1 mile a day. 100 days in a row.




It was some hard shit. A lot of people told me not to do it.

There were days I told myself to not do it.

But I did it.

And my life will never be the same because of those 100 days.

On the 100th day, 100+ people, some babies, and some pups joined me for a run.

Disciplining myself to run 100 days in a row has changed my life.

Since then, I have created a new life for myself.

I've lost and KEPT OFF 25lbs.

I've stopped binge eating, emotional eating, and stress eating.

I've completed 3 full marathons.

I've helped hundreds of people lace up their shoes and get started on their own weight loss and running journeys.


Dear friends, the third anniversary of #runwithjaclyn is coming up.


Running can change your life too.

Discipline can change you life.

Deciding can change your life.

But it starts with 1 day. 1 mile. 1 step.


Get out there on March 8th with me and run/walk 1 mile.

Inside. Outside. Treadmill. Track. Mall. Whatever you can do.




Post a selfie on your FB or IG and tag @jaclynricchio and use #runwithjaclyn.

(Are we FB friends? We better be!)


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