Why we run

"I want to start a good healthy habit for me and my family." -Mari



"I am doing this to get back into running and help support you! I haven't run since October..." -Leah



"I am trying to be more active and walk more. I sit at a desk all day most days and don't get a lot of movement in during the day." -Melanie



"I love running and I love accountability because it forces me to make exercise a priority even if I'm busy with work." -Brecon



'Because I want to get moving more and I want to start taking my dog on longer walks/runs." -Elle



"I am a mom and need to get moving more for me!" -Tricia



"I've been in a slump so this will make me get out there!" -Jodi



"I like committing to something and following through with it!" -Bianca



"I'm doing it for all of the other women who run or want to start!" -Holly



"I love running! It makes me feel accomplished!" -Cassi



"I want to feel strong and capable – to run for my heart, health, & life!" -Laura



"My wife said i have to!" -Jim



"Working out takes your mind away from other things and makes you feel confident!" -Marissa




Tomorrow is the big day!



How to win a $50 Nike Gift Card:

1. Run (or walk) 1 mile on March 8, 2018
2. Post a photo and tag @ jaclyn ricchio and#runwithjaclyn
3. Add yourself to https://www.facebook.com/groups/runningtoloseweight/

Drawing will be live on March 10th!