WTF is Delaying Gratification

Delaying gratification! What does it mean and how can it help us lose weight/maintain weight?


Hey hi!! I will always be a kindergarten teacher at heart!! One of the biggest jobs of a K teacher is to teach kids how to be patient, control impulses, and delay gratification.



And I think we as adults can use the reminder too!

All too often, we want and get used to instant gratification.


I'm hungry--->run to vending machine, CVS, or Starbucks and get a cookie.

I'm bored--->scroll on phone

I need to get somewhere--->uber arrives in 3 minutes

I want to lose weight--->start 3 day refresh, 10 day juice cleanse, 28 day diet, etc


Immediate gratification is just a part of living in 2018. It's everywhere.


Buuuuuut when we delay gratification... we resist something small and immediate, we can build up and get a bigger reward.


I usually delay gratification by not having the cookies, pecan pie, or potato chips at my work.

There are some days those treats look really amazing and I do indulge, but 95% of the time, I pass up.


I eat really awesome foods during my day to keep me full and happy liiiiiiike veggies, lean protein, plant-based protein, fruits, healthy fats....


And every evening, I enjoy a small treat. I delay my gratification. But I do NOT demonize treats.


I also delay gratification by only eating out 1x a week.


I gained 25lbs by having immediate gratification.
Having McDonalds fries on my way home from work every day.
Binge eating potato chips and cookies after work.
Having takeout for dinner almost every night.
Constant amounts of processed foods to the point I wasn't even enjoying them... the immediate gratification just became my normal way of life. I gained 25lbs.


download (2).jpeg

Here's my go to evening dessert-

1 scoop of protein powder, 1/4 cup unsweetened almond milk, 2 tsps of peanut butter, 10 chocolate chips. Eat them all. Enjoy each bite.

No guilt.



Do you struggle with immediate gratification? The food at work? The drive home from work? The cabinets at home?


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