CHEAP AF Adult Lunchable #1

$9.00. That's what they wanted for a lil box of snacks that included a tiny scoop of chicken salad, some grapes, some crackers, and a few cubes of cheese. 😲


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There is a super cute new lil shop/cafe that opened up by us, and I ventured in seeing if I could set up shop and work there.

$12.00 salads with not really much salad or protein.

$5.00 Kombuchas.

$1.25 for a banana.

I get it. Like a cafe in a more affluent neighborhood has a pretty high rent to pay to be there. And the price for their foods includes the ingredients, the salary for the hands that make the food, the rent, the light bill, the you name it.


But here's the reality of what's happening in our country:


People think that healthy eating is out of reach for them because of their limited paychecks that need to be spread over a million things and because what's "healthy" is trendy and expensive.


The way "healthy eating" is marketed to us makes it seem like we need to spend $3 on an organic avocado or drink a $5 superfood drink or spend an entire paycheck to get supplements.


I can't stomach it. I spent the first decade of my career working with families who lived in actual food deserts and had meager paychecks, and it's ridiculous to think that someone needs to spend $25 a day per person on food in order to be healthy. No.


It's not true. There is a simpler way.


I'll be bringing you simple and CHEAP AF meal ideas from now on. Things you can buy at your big box grocery store and don't need a special trip to a fancy store 12 miles away. Foods that don't take 12 hours to prep.


If you can't make healthy eating a habit you can repeat over and over and over again, even when life throws you curveballs, you're never going to be able to stick with it. Simple is better.


Step 1: I always think through the template of veggie, protein, carb. I might add fruit here and there, but veggies are king. Let's think plants as veggies or fruit, mmmmmkay?

Step 2: Plants: I grabbed some cucumbers, pickles, edamame, and banana!

Step 3: Protein: I previously had boiled the eggs. My go to: boil the water, add the eggs slowly with a spoon careful to not break them. If they break, you'll be okay. Boil for 11 minutes. Empty the water and add ice and cold water. The ice bath will help them peel easily!

Step 4: Carbs and fat: Went for a few baby pitas cut up into mini baby pitas and 1 tablespoon of ranch.

Step 5: EAT!


Price? Waaaaay less than the $9.00 for the cafe's box o' snacks.


Want to make it a little bit more filling? Get a plate, lay down a bed of lettuce, and use this snack box as toppings for your salad. You'll love it! All the fiber will take a lot of chewing, slow down your eating, and make you feel amazing AF.

Want more EASY and pretty cheap food tips? 

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