Do diets even help us lose weight?

In a word: yes.

But we know what happens when the diet is "done" ----> gain the weight back plus an extra 10, 15, 20... 100lbs

So who cares about losing weight when weight maintenance is what we are really after...

Losing weight in a way that we can actually maintain...

And being happy and comfortable and enjoying life...


You see, losing weight is all about burning more calories than you take in.

On paper, it's easy. 


Eat less; move more.


But humans are not perfect science experiments and we add layers of complexity to everything! 

The thing about diets and meal plans and all of that... is they train us to do something drastic for a short period of time. And there are lasting emotional effects to diets. The yin and yang.


Diets don't help us sustain results.


WHO CARES IF YOU LOSE 25LBS BECAUSE YOU GAVE UP CANDY, COOKIES, CREAM IN YOUR COFFEE, PIZZA, AND ALLLLLL THE SOCIAL OCCASIONS because there will be a time that you want to go out with friends and get pizza and ice cream, and if your diet didn't help you learn how to do this, you either:

1. Miss the social occasion. Stay home. Eat your Lean Cuisine and sulk.

2. Go to the restaurant and eat allll the pizza, alllll the ice cream, and stop at Trader Joe's for their Dark Chocolate Cake which can be made into a personal cake if you try hard. (Been there!)


Diets do work. But they only work for a short period of time. So I guess this is a case of wtf does the word "work" even mean?


I've been exploring this a lot... We have been in Atlanta for 2.5 years.

February 2016, when I first moved to Atlanta, was the last time I did an all or nothing diet.

And it's taken me 2.5 YEARS TO HEAL MYSELF FROM THE DIET MENTALITY. (And I guess you could say my whole teenage and early adult life...)


Anywho, here are some thoughts from my journal this morning:

unnamed (1).jpg





Would you add anything to this chart? Take out anything??


2018 has been quite the year of self-exploration.


My upcoming online course will explore this issue and help you with long-term health and a sustainable approach to weight loss.

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