The BEST way to lose weight...and maintain health for life

When I first started wearing my step tracker watch, I found out my 2 work from home jobs had me moving a total of 2,000 steps a day.


That's not a lot...


I coach people on moving their bodies.
I have a podcast about running. 
I have a blog about health and fitness.
All of my social media accounts are dedicated to helping people live healthy, happy, and strong lives. Not for 30 days but for LIFE.


And the step data showed me that when I’m not training for a marathon, my life is pretty sedentary.


⚡️Sooo use the data to make a change.⚡️


The CDC recommends 10,000 steps a day. That doesn’t mean we all need to train for a marathon or go to a Cross-Fit class. We can if we want! But the daily movement we do just by walking our pups, getting up from our computer during the work day, parking a little further in a parking lot, taking the stairs instead of the elevator- allll of that adds up.


Lots of people maintain healthy lifestyles without giving to a gym or doing extreme workouts just by being more active in their normal lives. And by being more active with day to day life, we can SUSTAIN health for life.


July marks the start of the second half of 2018.


Join me on a habit-changing 6 months. This isn’t a challenge but rather this is the bare minimum we should be doing to maintain healthy bodies.


Lots of people do work challenges with step watches. They compete with co-workers to earn money. Studies show they are highly successful in motivating people to walk more DURING the challenge. But guess what?!?


When the challenge is done, studies show people go back to their old sedentary habits. There was no long-term change.


So let’s do this differently. Instead of being motivated by money or by competing with others, let’s work on long-term health for ourselves.


Being able to walk up and down stairs when we are 70.

Being able to play in the yard with kids or grandkids.

Being able to run around with students at recess.


Wanna join?


Download this calendar and track your steps. If 10,000 steps is way out of reach right now, aim for 4,000. 6,000. We can increase as we go.



-At the end of each night, record how many steps you walked.

-Post on your social media and tag @jaclynricchio with the hashtag #walkwithjaclyn for a shoutout and some encouragement from me

-Set a goal for the next day based on your data.

-If you miss your goal, it's nbd. We are looking for long-term health. Imperfect consistency and NOT perfection in the short run. 

-Have fun! Take the pup out. Take the kids out. Take the hubs or wife or bf or gf or roomie out.