How To Make Money While On a Road Trip



Woo hoo! We just finished the last leg of our road trip through the south. We hit up Marietta, Savannah, Asheville, and Nashville.


Over a year ago, we talked about doing this, and I told some friends and they thought I was crazy.


Living in a hotel room?

Working remote? How does one make money on the internet if they're not selling sh*t? 

Too much uncertainty, right?



Yep, we figured it out, went with the flow, nothing went perfect, and it was a lot of fun. 


I woke up in the mornings and taught from our hotel room, and then we had the rest of the day to do what we wanted. I didn't work as many classes as I usually do because I took the weekends off. But overall, $500 while on the road sounds pretty good to me!


I taught 50 classes total: Some days only 2 classes/1 hour total because we had a lot to do. Some days I taught up to 8 classes/4 hours total.


50 classes x $10 = $500 for 20 hours of work (and no time spent on a commute!)


Wifi was not great in our first hotel room, so I had to use the HotSpot on my phone. But Wifi was great in all other hotel rooms.


What I used to teach: my computer, a mini white board and dry erase marker, the earbuds that came with my phone, my cell phone for some photos and GIFs, a tri-fold display board to make it look like we were in a classroom and not a hotel room.


Simple, less stuff > Overcomplicated, shit we can't keep up with


(One of my students asked me how I was in all different hotels, but it looked the same for her. She was amazed when I showed her what my background really was!)


Overall, it was a great experience, and I will do again when we take our next road trip!


I mentor new teachers through the hiring process and once they get started. Only 10% of applicants are hired! (I get a small stipend for coaching you through the interviews. Don't worry. You will learn how to teach this way! It's not hard.)



If you're going on a road trip this summer or want to travel and work, this is a pretty sweet gig.


You only need a Bachelor's degree in ANYTHING. No teaching certificate is required. Seriously. Love this side gig.

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