Should you be eating 1200 calories?

Let's talk about water. Water is a tricky thing. When you don't have enough water, it's not good. In the short run, you're super thirsty! Long run- you can die of dehydration. If crops don't have enough water, they won't grow. Cool. Not enough water is not good.




But also... when you have too much water, it's not good either. In marathons, sometimes people over drink water, it messes with their salt balance, and they get sick from having too much water! If it rains a shit ton, field flood, crops die, crap! So too much water is not good either.





Water itself is neutral. Water is neutral. When we have too much water, that changes. When we have not enough water, it changes. But water is neutral.


Some people track how much water they drink and try to drink more.

Some people just drink when they are thirsty.

Whatever works for ya. Cool.



So let's talk about calories. I asked this question in my FB group a while back. 

I wanted to know what people thought of when they heard the word calories.


A lot. People thought a lot.


A lot of it was negative.


Anxiety. Just one more thing to track. Very tedious.


We have a negative relationship with the word calories because in the past, we have been told/trained/influenced to feel shitty about calories.


Cut calories. Track calories. Only eat 1200 calories in a day. 



No, seriously. Someone out there in the world is telling women that they should only eat 1200 calories in a day. It's all over instagram, and i don't know why!!


unnamed 2.jpg


So let's remove some of the feelings we have about calories and dig down into what a calorie is. 


A calorie is a unit of energy. When we eat calories, we get energy.


I happen to like calories because I like food.


I like getting energy from food.


I don't like tracking calories just like i don't like tracking water. So we don't have to!


But calories and water are actually really awesome and positive things in my life because I choose them to be. 


And just like water, when we have too few calories, some stuff happens, and when we have too many calories, some stuff happens.


When we restrict ourselves down to only 1200 calories, we feel hungry, deprived, angry... and eventually we binge.


When we binge, we probably consume 3000 calories in one sitting!



When we slowly reduce calories by ending our binge eating, when we start noticing how our body feels, when we eat to 80% full instead of 120% full, there is a natural reduction in calories and we lose weight. That's it. 



When we learn about calories and what they do for our bodies, we start to understand on a biological level wtf is happening! We start to notice which sources of calories make us feel best. We start to notice which sources and which quantities make us feel not so good.



So listen, calories are not the enemy. You do NOT need to eat 1200 calories to lose weight. (And shouldn't... you'll eventually binge...)


What we do with calories can be explored... 




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