Why You NEED to Eat Pizza This Weekend

Ok, you don't have to have pizza if you don't want to, but maybe you like cookies or beer or hot dogs. Cool. DO IT. 



I want you to PRACTICE having it this weekend.

PRACTICE eating as if you give a shit about your body. That's what moderation is at its core. When we eat fun foods but PRACTICE eating them in small amounts where we are not hurting our bodies and making ourselves feel physically ill. 


And it's important!


It's important to not always be on a diet, 


ANNND it's important to not always be binge eating on weekend in preparation for a diet on Monday.


My story:


I originally lost weight by giving up my favorite foods. I did whole30 a million times and gave up fun foods. You know, the ones that we lose control when eating. Pizza, bread, chocolate, cookies, alcohol.


Here’s what I didn’t know until it was too late:


when you lose weight by depriving yourself, it makes the fun foods that more alluring. You binge on them. You may have solved the short-term problem of weight loss, but you create even bigger problems: being obsessed with being perfect, fearing any foods that are not perfect, and binge eating those same foods you fear.

After my last Whole30, 2.5 years ago, I ate half of an XL pizza and then rushed to the grocery store to get chocolate cake, donuts, and cookies.




It was then that I realized I would need to LEARN how to have fun foods instead of DEPRIVE myself of fun foods.


Perfect meal plans, the clean-eating mentality, and fad diets solve the problem of quick weight loss, but where do they leave you for the rest of life? Probably in a shitty place. They haven’t helped you learn moderation, they haven’t helped you create habits around imperfect life situations, and they haven’t helped you learn wtf to do on a holiday weekend.


When we place a certain food group on a pedestal and tell ourselves to deprive, deprive, deprive, we eventually will binge, binge, binge. So the solution instead is to PRACTICE how to have those fun foods.


Practice having a serving of pizza.
Practice having a serving of ice cream.
Practice having potato chips.
Practice being a human in real life.


I say practice because you’re human, you’re going to mess up, it’s ingrained in you as a human, but messing up is a part of practice.


I hope you have some pizza tonight. I hope you go to a BBQ and have fun and not feel like crap after the BBQ. So yes, have some vegetables and plain water this weekend too. Fun foods and nutrient-dense foods can co-exist. And WHEN they co-exist, we are practicing moderation. I would love to be your coach and teach you how.


My course Breaking Up With Food Perfection teaches you how. 



Quick note, Tuesday is the LAST day to sign up for this 6 week course. I don't know when I will offer it again, but also, it will not be at this special beta pricing! 


What's included: 

-Welcome to Breaking Up With Food Perfection! (how fad diets are not teaching us the skills we need for life)  


-Ending Toxic Relationships - Why Weight Gain/Weight Loss is More About Our Relationships With Food and Self  


-WTF Are Calories- a Quick Guide to Nutrition and How Weight Gain / Weight Loss Works  


-Creating the "Your Name Diet" - Learning to Eat the Foods You Actually Like  -Eating for Pleasure/Emotions and Not Health- allll the reasons we eat  


-How the Heck Do You Listen to Your Body? Picking up on the physical cues we've been ignoring  


-The Stuff You Say Matters- Language + Mindset Makeover        


You can see, this is a lot different than just following a meal plan. Those only work until they stop working. When we get bored or when we feel deprived, then binge. You will learn skills and mindset habits over the 6 six weeks that will help you for LIFE. And yes, I have pizza every Friday night, I had Girl Scout cookies last night for dessert, and I had Gushers with my lunch today. <3      

Breaking Up With Food Perfection teaches you skills beyond the perfect 30 day meal plans.