how do i deal with the uncertainty of life?

Coming to your from the in-laws' house where food is abundant and sugary.


Shit like this used to scare the F out of me because I would be like, "How am I supposed to CONTROL myself around so many things?" And also, "How do you have all these things in your house? I am so confused why you haven't already eaten the entire bag of M&M's in one sitting? Why is the bag of M&M's still there?!"


But over the last 3 years, since I quit my job as being a public school teacher, I've learned that I need to either learn to deal with uncertainty or I will just have to be a hermit for the rest of my life.


Since quitting being a teacher, I first worked at a tech start-up in downtown Chicago where money was abundant and lunches were catered by local restaurants... So I had to learn how to have really delicious foods for lunch, not know exactly what was in the food I was eating, AND pick foods that would not be cause be to be in a food coma after lunch because I would sitting at a desk for another 6 hours. It took a lot of trial and error meaning there were days I ate food, felt tired, learned I couldn't keep overeating.


Then we moved to Atlanta and I got a job working for the (same) company that catered lunches to offices. So now I was the person in charge of sending the restaurants to offices. Crazy that I had so many issues with food and yet decided to work for a company with food... Again, I had to push myself in uncomfortable situations, learn to not be that weird girl with food issues, and learn to complete a work day surrounded by tacos, Chinese food, and fried chicken sammiches.


Thennnnn when that job never panned out to being a full-time job, I started being a nanny for wealthy families... where I was in these houses that had kid food. Granola bars. Fruit snacks. Chocolate milk. Easter candy. Tacos on Wednesday nights after basketball practice. I had to learn to be around these foods, make the best decision for myself in the given situation, and move on with life.



Gone were the days where I could be a hermit, only eat my perfect foods, and have all the perfection and certainty that made me feel calm. 


That's not real life. That's being on a diet. That's missing out on real life.


Real life is not perfect.

Real life is not certain. 

Real life is really messy.



It's August and summer is winding down. I've been chatting with my clients, and they're telling me they're nervous because end of summer means:

1. End of summer parties. Galore. Like omg summer is almost done, we need to have a summer party every day to soak up summer. 

2. Back to school stress. 



And here's the thing: life is uncertain now, life will be uncertain in a month, and after that, life will continue to be uncertain.


Summer is cray.

Back to school fall is cray.

Winter holidays is cray.

Beginning of the year is cray.

Spring that never gets here and it's still winter is cray.

Then summer magically hits and that's cray.


There will NEVER be a period of time that life feels super certain..

Life = uncertainty. 


And when life ever does become super certain, we'll start to complain about how bored we are of the routine... and we will do something to create uncertainty. Something to shake things up. Amiright? ;)



So what do we do?

1. Stop looking ahead for a time when... No perfect time will exist... shit will be uncertain then too.

2. Become comfortable with the uncomfortable.



How do we do those? 

1. Tell ourselves imperfection = life. Perfection sets us up for disappointment. Really say it aloud to ourselves. "I am imperfect. I am okay. This is life." Say it, write it. Remember it. 

2. Practice small habits every day. These are super tiny things you can do on the days that life is super cray. (Examples: 1. I always get in 7k steps. 2. I always eat veggies with my lunch and dinner. 3. I always have a serving of protein with my lunch and dinner. 4. I always have 8oz of water with my breakfast, lunch, and dinner. 4. I always say 3 things I am thankful for.... these are SUPER easy things you can do with almost 0 effort. We might not always be able to get in a 30 minute workout and have a perfectly created meal, but we CAN always do these small things. Consistency adds up.)

3. Reach out for help. Click here and we can hop on the phone and figure out a plan for you.







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