That time of the month cravings...

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Ladies. When it's that time of the month, we have two options:


1. Deprive. Restrict. Fight off the cravings. Stick to our diet. Stick to our meal plan.




2. Give in. Eat the salty foods. Eat the sugary foods. Binge like a mofo. (And start the clean-eating meal plan again on Monday.)


Orrrr that's what our brain is tricking us into thinking. 


That we only have two options. We are either being good and restricting or being bad and binge eating.


But what's in the middle? What's that unexplored gray area in the middle that feels super foreign because we've always either been on a diet and being good or not been on a diet and been bad? 


What's in the middle?


When I was working on breaking the diet cycle and making the transition from perfect clean eater / binge eater to wanting to just be a fcking "normal person" around food, I decided to practice having those "trigger foods" around me in the house.


Instead of demonizing pizza, ice cream, chocolate, cookies, chips, etc, I practiced having single portions. That meant creating my own single serving pizzas, buying single serving ice cream boxes, making single serving cookies, and portioning out a single serving of chips. It helped me normalize what portion sizes were, and it helped me practice eating these "bad foods" without going overboard. 


Truthfully, there were times I went overboard, felt like shit, but instead of banishing them from the house again, I granted myself compassion, used these times as teachable moments, and reminded myself it is always practice. Literally everything we do in life is practice for practice. No end goal. Just practice.


Now... years later of this practice... I can have full-sized bags of M&M's 2 feet away from me as I am working from home and not eat the entire bag. I can have cookies in the cabinets and not freak out that I might eat all of them in one sitting. I can do a road trip and not have every meal planned out and trust I will make the best decision with food.




So tangible things you can do when craving junk food around that time of the month or really anytime:


1. Buy single serving options.

2. Look at the serving size on the nutrition label and measure out that amount.

3. Make sure you're eating protein and veggies with meals so you're full and energized.

4. Stop using the words good and bad when it comes to food... and you...


You're human. That means you're flawed from the start. You're an imperfect being, but you can and will do the best for yourself when you practice trusting yourself. 



For some more EASY AF single serving recipes including cookies, pizza, and nachos, check out this link: Eat with me


Do you struggle with cravings? What works for you?