the monday after vacation

Ahoy friends!

We just got back from Seattle! Getting back from a trip used to mean starting a new diet. No. Freals. 

I can remember one of the first time I said this was when we got back from an all-inclusive trip to Mexico. I remember telling another couple at a pool it was okay that my belly was hanging out of my suit and I was double fisting mudslides because I was starting Weight Watchers when I was getting home. 

(Why I felt the need to justify or explain myself to strangers... not sure. I think I probably figured they were judging me, my body, and my drinking habits... but really, they were probably just enjoying their vacation and Iiiiiii was the one judging me.)

But today, I woke up early, taught my online classes from my jammies, took a mini nap because dang this time zone thing messed up my sleep, and then ate some scrambled eggs, stir fry veggies, 2 chocolate chip cookies, lemonade, and coffee with creamer. No diet. No egg whites. No black coffee. Just what I always eat. 

So vacay: Listen, I am all for enjoying life. I freaking love sugary mudslides. But there was something off about the way I was going about enjoying life a few years ago.

I was overeating on vacation because of a scarcity mindset. Because I felt like there wasn't enough. Because I felt like I somehow needed to get a good deal by eating all the food.

(Please. And then I think about how much money I've spent on diets, shakes, and coaches to lose that weight... I am thinking that "I have to get a good deal" mindset about food actually has costed me WAY more money than just eating a normal amount.)

So I kinda eat the same foods while on vacay now..

Screen Shot 2018-09-10 at 1.17.17 PM.png

Here's what I loved about the trip:

-Sight seeing in Seattle- such a walkable city! LOVED IT

-Seeing my lovely friend Christina

-Spending time with our super fun friends Anthony and Gina

-Running! I love running in new places!!

(To my surprise, I walked out of the hotel and was presented with a giant hill.. to which I challenged myself to keep running until I got to the top of it. No matter how far that was. There was def some walking. But I got there! And fun part- I have no idea how far I ran and have no idea my pace because the run wasn't about the numbers. It was about me getting out and exploring. It was about me moving my body.)


This means knowing enough about nutrition and my body to know what foods I needed... and what foods would have to do. So when we went to the Space Needle and I hadn't eaten properly before, I opted for some caramel corn and water. The healthiest option? Yeah, for what was there, this was the BEST option for me. Would Melissa Hartwig or Autumn Calabrese approve? Probably not, but I'm not living my life for them. It's for me. 

LASTLY, I know I talk about food a lot because that's kinda what I have going on here in my business right now with Breaking Up With Food Perfection, but the amount of thought or stress I place on food is close to 0. When I was trying to be perfect with food, the stress level was 100.

Because I've done the work, I rarely think about food. When I notice I am hungry, I find something to eat. When it's something imperfect, I don't stress or binge. I just move on with life.

I teach all of this in Breaking Up With Food Perfection.

My clients just completed week 1 of the course, and I couldn't be happier. 

There are the shiny pennies of losing some lbs on the scale. (!!!)  But really... the big and important work... the "this will stay with you for the rest of your life" work is when they're able to go to work, see catered food, have a little bit and not a lotta bit, not feel like shit, and move on with life. When they're able to go on trips, deal with the imperfect foods presented, make the best choices for themselves, and ENJOY LIFE. That's what we need for life. Not a 30 day perfect plan.

The second round of Breaking Up With Food Perfection will open up in the winter. Exact date tbd.  You can get on the wait list here.

If money is an issue, but you really want to do this, checkout teaching online This is how I afforded the $7000 investment I made in my coach. Teach just 1 hour a day, and you will be able to invest in Breaking Up With Food Perfection.