Having a cookie does not mean you're off track.

Having 3 cookies does not mean you're off track.

Having 12 cookies plus a pizza plus donuts plus whatever does not mean you're off track.

Listen: You're always on track. Or rather on "a track." The track is your life. The track just looks a helluva lot different than you thought it would look. It's not a perfect straight line. (no one's is.)

If you use everything that has happened in your life as an opportunity to learn and grow..

if you approach EVERYTHING as either a WIN or a LESSON..

if you approach everything with a GROWTH mindset rather than a FIXED mindset, you're never off track.

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See the lil guy on the bike in the picture? Even during the dips on the track, he is still on the track. All this dips are making him stronger as he goes. (Prolly has some strong quads vs the guy above him.)

Your challenges make you stronger. Without them, you'd keep coasting along not really doing much in life...

Fun fact: It actually took me a horrible weekend of binge eating an XL pizza + a chocolate cake + cookies + everything else in sight (after finishing a month of clean eating) to decide I was #breakingupwithfoodperfection once and for all.

I'm thankful for that binge teaching me that I needed to take better care of my body and self, give up perfection, stop trying to be a clean eater, and instead practice being a #normaleater.

You're on track.


p.s. Your mindset on these things matters. Your mindset dictates your language dictates your actions. If you struggle with nighttime binge eating, I am going to help you with some TACTICAL things. I have a free mini course and I could use your feedback on the lessons before I launch my real course. THANK YOU SO MUCH. End nighttime binge eating!

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